Mail Call for 10/18

October 21, 2002

"I am calling on behalf of all the special education children of Washington County and their parents. I am reading in the paper where the school board has OK'd $30,000 for an arts pilot program. I would like to know what the School Board is doing for our children that have special needs in Washington County? My son is 14 years old and so far, they have done absolutely nothing."

"Congratulations to the lady who said she is tired of seeing the dog business being picked up at Fairgrounds Park. At least she is seeing it picked up. We walk there every day and we always see people not picking it up. I don't understand this. There is a sign at the front entrance that says 'no dogs allowed.' How come this is not being enforced? It is beginning to be a stinky problem."

"I am responding to the person who said I was moaning about my neighbor's mowing the lawn in the evening and it is much cooler. This is true, but not at 8 or 8:30 at night, not when you go to bed at 9 p.m. at night. She also said I had too much time on my hands. I sure do, that is why I mow during the day, so I don't disturb my neighbors."


"About the person who said they wanted to stop smoking. They stopped before and want to stop again, but they say they don't have the money to buy the patches. I don't understand, if you have the money for the cigarettes, why can't you use that money to buy the patches?"

"We were wondering what is going to happen with the officials here in Washington County concerning this sniper issue? I know they have been down in the D.C., area. What are they doing to be prepared in case the sniper would come up here?"

"How stupid can our government and officials be? Apparently they are putting up a plane in the air where the sniper is killing. This plane will detect gunfire and other things and we announced it so the sniper will know. Don't put him on the alert, so we can't catch him. Why do we have to tell everyone everything? It's like our country is afraid of doing anything without letting the public know what is going on. There are certain things that the public doesn't need to know."

"To the person who needs information on getting new papers for his separation from the Navy. The number to call is 1-314-538-2034, that is the National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63132-5100. You need to send them a request with your Social Security number and service number and they will reply. It will take some time for them to do it. Good luck."

"I am an active senior who is around downtown, all day, everyday and I see no patrolling of officers or their cruisers. There is no visibility, this is a must."

"I would like to thank the very nice young lady again for stopping Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. when she saw my mom and I walking in the 900 block of Jefferson Street and stopped when she saw our van along the road. When my son stayed with my two grandchildren, she gave my mom and I a ride to get my vehicle. Thank you very much. You are a wonderful person."

"To the person who called and said that they should cancel Trick-or-Treat, I think you shouldn't be so greedy. Stay in your own neighborhood and you will know who is safe or not. This is the only thing some children have to look forward to at Halloween."

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