On the Bengals-bashing bandwagon

October 18, 2002|by BIG SYD

I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon of any kind, at least not before I see what kind of meal they're serving ... not to mention before I see a current inspection sticker for said bandwagon.

You never can be too sure. Bad shocks can be dangerous.

No, I generally stay away from what's hip. At my age, I have to worry about my own hip.

These days, it's in vogue to bash the Cincinnati Bengals. Now that I think about it, it's been in vogue to bash the Bengals for 10 years now.

Is it really possible for a football team to be as bad as that one? Don't answer, Duke.

How can a team that has a top-five pick in the draft almost every year be so consistently awful? Sooner or later they have to pick somebody that knows how to play the game, don't they?


Maybe not. But hey, at least they know where they stand. After their loss to Pittsburgh last week made them 0-6, Lorenzo Neal said the team was the laughingstock of the league and that losing week after week was embarrasing.

Really, Lorenzo? You don't say. Actually, isn't it even more embarassing to lose year after year?

But the real question here is this: How bad does your team have to be to still have Lorenzo Neal on the roster?

I know, there are some questions that can never really be answered.

On with the predictions. Last week 15-7 (.682), season 118-44 (.728).


Boonsboro 28, Williamsport 14: Apparently, the 'Cats have used up their nine lives.

Brunswick 31, North Hagerstown 19: The Railroaders are doing that brand new dance, the Loco-Motion, now.

South Hagerstown 34, Catoctin 20: Rebels scale Cougars to stay on top of MVAL mountain.

Linganore 41, Thomas Johnson 13: Tom Johnson is my favorite football analyst on ESPN.

St. John's at Prospect Hall 30, Hyde School 23: Hyde always has trouble playing four quarters. Jekyll keeps butting in.

Frankfort 26, Berkeley Springs 17: Indians play ketch-up all night with Frankfort.

Musselman 35, Hedgesville 27: Although I could understand hedging your bets on this one.

Martinsburg 49, Jefferson 15: Bulldogs Barrett-ly break a sweat.

Chambersburg 17, Central Dauphin East 13: Unlike Central Dauphin, which is always right in the middle of things, CD East leans to the right.

West Perry 27, Greencastle 19: In other games, Luke Perry beat Perry Winkle and Matthew Perry beat Perry White.

Boiling Springs 42, James Buchanan 21: The Bubblers roll.

Northern 36, Waynesboro 13: The Indians get left out in the cold by the Polar Bears.


Turkeyfoot Valley 30, Hancock 21: You can't make turkey salad out of Turkeyfoot.

Middletown 37, Smithsburg 12: Nightfall won't come soon enough for the Leopards.

Bullis 44, Mercersburg Academy 19: Bullis gets bullish when facing a Storm.


Penn State 41, Northwestern 13: Mills gets Nittany Lions facing the right direction again.

Syracuse 38, West Virginia 21: Orangemen are a crush the Mountaineers can't get over.

Shepherd 33, West Virginia State 14: A state-ment game for the Rams.


Ravens 19, Jaguars 13: Ravens fare better without Lewis than Clark did.

Packers 34, Redskins 24: I'll pick the Pack and have pickled peppers with my brat.

Buccaneers 20, Eagles 10: Philly can't temper a loss to Tampa.

Steelers 28, Colts 23: Pittsburgh steels away a win in the night.

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