Mail Call for 10/16

October 18, 2002

"To all the people who think Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is using the sniper attacks for political gain. You seem to forget that her father was murdered by someone with a handgun. If her father hadn't died, he would have been president and Robert Kennedy would have changed this country completely. So let's not give her a hard time, she knows what an idiot with a gun can do."

"I would like to wish Milton a speedy recovery and I hope you have a 100 percent recovery. We really miss you here at Julia Manor. We were sorry to see you go, but were glad that you were going home. I hope you recover 100 percent and hope that you are doing well."

"To the people who don't understand why they have to get a smallpox vaccination again: Well it's because the vaccination that you received 30 to 50 years ago is no longer any good. It has to be done again in order for it to be any good. It's not quite as bad as the flu vaccine. Call your doctor or the Health Department and get more information on this, then hopefully you will understand."


"I would like to have the phone for the Lions Club that collects glasses. Put your number in Mail Call so I can call you."

"I see in the paper where the schools are being cautioned by not sending their children to these metropolitan area for field trips. The best place for the children to be is at the school, where they can learn and if the parents think their children need to go on these field trips, then let the parents make sure they get there. Let them learn in the school and stay in the school where they will be safe."

"Just strikes me funny, last week I was reading in the Morning Herald where a county commissioner wants to charge the inmates $10 for being in jail. But then two or three pages back there is an article where the county commissioner gave the detention center $30,000 for recreation and other things that the inmates need, like a TV, etc."

"If you don't want to have your emissions on your car, there is a paper you get from Motor Vehicles that has a place on the back for you to fill out and send back to Motor Vehicles. They will send you a notice that you don't have to take it."

"Our Washington County Board of Education wants to decide on some type of dress codes for our students. I am happy that some of you must have walked through the halls of our schools lately, both elementary and high. What a disgrace. Not only indecent clothing, but orange and purple hair, body piercing and ridiculous jewelry. No wonder, very young boys are noticing very young girls in a sexual manner. Where are the morals of the parents and teachers? Fashion designers will continue to stock the stores with such trashy clothes as long as the parents puts out big bucks to make sure their child looks as indecent and trashy as their peers. My children not only had a dress code, as well as uniforms. These are much less expensive than designer clothes. No decisions on what to wear the next day and no need to worry about who will be the fashion plate in class. It seems to me that the local PTA can make great strides in helping the Board of Ed to finally do something that will teach our young people how to really be proud of themselves."

"I love Mail Call and now I am going to be nosy. What's the beef with the people mowing the grass in the evening? Who cares, maybe they just don't want to be out in the sun in the daytime. If they choose to do it in the evening, big deal, it's not like they are mowing it at 2 a.m. and keeping everyone awake. Oh no, someone call in about this, I think this is so funny."

"I would like to thank someone in the Lowe's parking lot. My brand new car now has a brand new dent. Thanks to someone who can't control their shopping cart. I understand that there were witnesses and a license plate was taken and my insurance company will be getting in touch with you."

"To Paul Swartz: About 20 years ago, I was an inmate, the average pay was 75 cents a day and I am sure that it's not any more than $2 or $3 a day by now. So how are you going to get $10 a day? Answer that one, pal."

"In reference to the person who called in complaining about The Herald-Mail covering the In the Streets in Frederick, Md., more than the Harvest Hoedown in Williamsport. I too think it would be nice for The Herald-Mail to do more on The Harvest Hoedown. But I want to remind these people that The Herald-Mail is read, not only in Hagerstown, but in Frederick, Martinsburg, Waynesboro and all around the area. So The Herald-Mail has the duty of covering all the areas, not just Hagerstown."

"I was just wondering if anyone in the area thinks that there is a need to have a day care center for children with special needs. I haven't seen any listed in the paper and I was just wondering if anyone else thinks there is a need for one."

"To the person who called and said that there is nothing in Clear Spring. That is why everyone is moving to Clear Spring because there is nothing here, it's peaceful."

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