Mail Call for 10/16

October 17, 2002

"I would like to respond to the message in Mail Call from the person who said they were not built to wear their shirt tucked into their uniform. I agree with you. Many times I have seen people working in different areas where they needed to wear uniforms and most of the people have their shirts tucked in. Nine out of 10 of them didn't look good because, unless you are stick thin with a very flat stomach, wearing your shirt in doesn't look good. It makes you look like you have a pot belly. Wearing your shirt out gives you a longer, thinner appearance. People who are short don't look good with their shirts tucked in either."

"While taking a shower, you could slip on soap. While preparing supper, you could cut your finger. While driving down the road, you could have an accident. All of these things could be dangerous but I've heard it all now. Don't feed the birds because it's dangerous and we could get West Nile. Well, if you go around thinking about things that could happen, you are going to end up at Brook Lane, lying on one of those couches."


"To Bob Parasiliti, thank you for the excellent and timely articles that you have been publishing about the University of Maryland football team. It's also appropriate because you are a Maryland paper, you have a lot of Maryland fans in the area and Maryland is our state university. Thanks again, Bob, for doing an excellent job on your coverage of Maryland."

"Congratulations to the Hagerstown Thunder at their first competition of the 2002-2003 cheerleading season. Senior squad, congratulations on your second- place victory and youth squad, congratulations on your third-place victory and for winning your trip to Miami."

"I am responding to the Mail Call where someone couldn't believe that they were throwing bird food and stuff out to the birds with the West Nile going on. First of all, as long as the bird food isn't going in your yard, it's not your business."

"I want to remind people who mow grass for others, whether it's an individual or a lawn service, keep the mower and handle away from spouting, garages and garage doors. They are very expensive and sometimes very difficult to repair."

"I would like to thank the person who turned the watch in at IHOP on Sunday around 12. I appreciate it. It was a very old and sentimental watch."

"Thanks, Paul Swartz, for having the guts to charge $10 to inmates. It's about time."

"I am a bus driver and I drive for Boonsboro High and Elementary. The next one who brings a skateboard on my bus will not get on unless the skateboard stays off. I have had so many problems with this. I would like to know what they do with these skateboards at the school."

"I want to know why Valley Mall doesn't have carts to push in the mall or stores? Us seniors would like to have them."

"I am tired of hearing our president being bashed all the time. Especially with the chemical warfare that is going on that could destroy everyone."

"I think that trick or treat should be canceled this year in Hagerstown."

"Mr. Swartz, you had in the paper that you would like inmates to pay $10 for being in prison. Well, if they are inmates, not on work release, where is the money coming from? Is the family supposed to pay it or are you going to dip into your bank account and pay it?"

"I was wondering if Antietam Cable is going to have the Showcase of Bands on this year?"

"Is there any organization in Washington County that saves the Betty Crocker points? If so, I would like to give them some."

"We want to commend Darylene Ford for the job she does on the articles 'Around Smithsburg/ Robinwood.' Especially the nice write up she does about Pen Mar Park and the bands there. Thank you, Darylene."

"There is a person in Maryland killing people at random. Not any particular race, religion or nationality. All he is doing is killing people for the fun of it. Then he shoots a 13-year-old boy. Yeah, he gets a lot of respect for that, doesn't he? The shameful part and those who should be ashamed will still argue that this man doesn't deserve the death penalty."

"To the person complaining about the neighbor mowing their grass at 8 p.m. in the evening. Sounds like you have too much time on your hands."

"Tell Bob Maginnis I agree with Mr. Brecker of Smithsburg."

"In response to the person moaning about the neighbor mowing his lawn in the evening, it's much cooler in the evening."

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