Mail Call for 10/15

October 16, 2002

"I wanted to congratulate the South Hagerstown High School Rebel Band for placing first at the Greencastle competition last week. They did a great job and for all the overall awards they won, keep it up, South!"

"I would like to say to the Stotlyemyer family on Greenbrier Road: You have taken a lot of time and love to make a lovely display in your yard for all to see. Can't wait to see what you have for Christmas. As Roy would say to Dale, 'Happy trails to you.'"

"Why do they always do work on South Potomac Street, three weeks before the parade? It just seems like it is the wrong time of year."

"I would like to know why The Herald-Mail would cover a craft show or a street fest in Frederick when the Harvest Hoedown was going on in Williamsport at the same time and you barely heard anything about it. I think people in Washington County want to know what is going on in Washington County, not Frederick County."


"Does anyone know the real meaning of those wheelchair parking signs around, especially in the housing and apartment complexes? I'm not referring to the ones that have an 8- to 10-digit number under them, but the other ones. Does a person who rents have a legal right to stick their apartment number on one of these handicapped signs? I always thought those were for anyone with a wheelchair card to hang on their mirror. Am I right or wrong about this?"

"Does anyone know when the Boonsboro Ambulance and Rescue service is going to send out their fund-raiser for members? We haven't gotten anything for quite a while. We were wondering when they are going to send something out. We got something from the fire company. We just sent ours in for that, but nothing for the Boonsboro Ambulance."

"I am from Clear Spring and I say let Manny Shaool have his building up here. We need something in this area. There is nothing up here, anything we want we have to go to Hagerstown or somewhere else. We need some stores and stuff here."

- Clear Spring

"All you have to do is drive up East Franklin Street and see how some of these landlords keep up their properties. This is a disgrace. Then they complain about paying this extra $45."

"I want to make a comment about all these shootings. It just seems like every station on TV breaks in on all the stories. Why can't they wait until news time? Because we as average people can't do anything about what is going on down there, but hope that they find those crooks. That is what we are going to have to do. I am afraid that we are going to have martial law in this country. We are going to be afraid to go out on the streets at night and then they are going to have to put the National Guard out there to protect us. That is what is going to happen in the future."

"I want to express my heartfelt thank you to Mr. Hendershot for his comments about the Civil War re-enactment. He has hit the nail directly on the head."

"I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and I have lost my discharge papers and I would like to know who to contact to get a copy of a new discharge?"

"In regards to Ponderosa. They did close down. They will not be re-opening and they are not re-locating. As for the gift certificates, I heard you can take them to Chambersburg, Pa., and use them there."

"I am calling about the number of dead birds in Washington County. Do you realize that we keep finding dead birds and we call the number for the West Nile virus hot line. They are telling us that they are not picking up any birds. In The Herald-Mail several weeks ago there was a count of how many birds were found dead in Washington County. If we would add the amount of dead birds that people found and they don't come pick them up, then the total would be much higher."

"About the emissions test thing that was in the paper the other day. I understand that the ones who are disabled don't have to take the test, but you have to go to the emissions place and fill out a paper. Check it out."

"I get tired of hearing these liberals whining about George Bush. These peace demonstrators keep complaining, they will really complain if we have a bio attack here in the United States. Why don't they protest in Iraq and see what Saddam would do. It's a matter of international security and if the U.N. won't act then we have to."

"In reference to the person who wanted to know about the small pox vaccine and why all of a sudden do they want everyone to get that again. I too got a vaccine back in the '50s and I don't understand either why they want you to get it again."

"To the person who said they wish people would stop complaining about the fall trash pickup because we have a wonderful service. How do you figure it's a wonderful service, if nobody is out there picking it up? We aren't complaining because we have a good service, we are complaining because they aren't picking it up. It looks terrible out here on the streets. I think people should be complaining about it. I have to wonder how this person lives if this trash sitting around doesn't bother them."

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