Changes boost town water tank costs

October 15, 2002|by MARLO BARNHART

CLEAR SPRING - The next step has been taken in the quest to build a 340,000-gallon water storage tank to hold treated water for the town, but that step may have been in the wrong direction.

Originally, the town agreed on a tank 33 feet high and 42 feet in diameter at a cost of $270,000.

When the Oct. 4 bid deadline came and went, only one bid had been received and it was $200,000 more than the town had anticipated spending for the structure.

"Our engineers are negotiating now with the firm that submitted that bid," Mayor Paul Hose Jr. said.

Some of the specifications were changed in the construction plans for the concrete base for the tank, Hose said. That was one reason the cost soared.

Town officials received word in September that the Maryland Department of the Environment had approved a permit for the construction of the tank.


The long-term goal is to ensure that the town always has an adequate supply of treated water for its customers no matter whether there is a drought or not, Hose said.

The town also needs to filter the water it now provides - a requirement mandated by the state that must be achieved by next spring. That work will be scheduled at the same time the storage tank is built.

The mandate came after samples taken of the Clear Spring water showed that filtration would be necessary.

In a related matter, town officials voted Monday night to hire Funk and Bolton, a Baltimore firm, to serve as bond council, another necessary step before mounting the construction project.

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