Letters to the editor - 10/12/02

October 14, 2002

Vote Hardin

To the editor:

Recently, I was stopped at a traffic light and was noticing all the candidates' signs. The slogan on the sign of Washington County Commissioner candidate J. Herbert Hardin caught my attention. It said "Elect J. Herbert Hardin for Commissioner because he cares."

It's my personal experience that the words about "caring" hit the nail on the head in describing this man. Throughout the years working as an educator in Washington County, he was always championing the cause of the underdog, being an exceptional mentor for our children and working hard day in and day out to make our community a better place to live.

I'll never forget this man's compassion years back when a cheerleader at North Hagerstown High School had been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Her friends and family were devastated, but Mr. Hardin was always there throughout the ordeal with his broad shoulders hauling her friends back and forth to Georgetown, video taping school events for her entertainment and always comforting all of us through this harsh period in our lives.


If the voters want a hard-working, honest trustworthy man to serve as a Commissioner who truly does care about all our citizens, you can't go wrong with Herb Hardin.

Jean Beck


Develop sensibly

To the editor:

Willis Weikert wrote, in his letter to the Herald-Mail, (Oct. 4) "Del. Chris Shank is selling out the good of the entire community for a few votes from a small group of selfish, self-serving NIMBYs who live in his district. He has no idea how many people are for the project because he never heard from them."

Mr. Weikert, perhaps you should take three deep breaths and calm down until you can learn the facts. First of all, you have no idea how many people are opposed to the Black Rock PUD and secondly, you infer that nothing will be built on that 220 acres of farmland - corn seems to have been growing there recently - if the PUD is not approved.

Here are some facts that can be proven: An anti-PUD petition with 1,950 signatures was delivered to the Board of County Commissioners and the planning commission last week. The overwhelming majority of those signers do not live in Black Rock Estates, but still feel that if the proposed PUD is built, it will have a detrimental effect on their quality of life in Washington County.

If a serious Adequate Public Facilities study is ever done in that area, it will show that the roads are woefully inadequate and there is no money or plan for upgrading them. Therefore, area residents can expect no solution to a growing problem, so we see no reason to make it worse by adding 1,200 to 1,500 more cars to the neighborhood. Furthermore, Mr. Weikert, no one is attempting to stop development of that property.

The present agricultural zoning allows Manny Shaool to build 300 or 400 single family homes without a public hearing or additional approval from the County Commissioners. But Shaool is not satisfied with the permitted uses, under agricultural zoning. He believes he can make a greater profit by building apartments, condos and duplexes which would require the PUD zoning.

If his re-zoning request is denied, nothing has changed; no one loses his job, Washington County's economy will not collapse, and Shaool can develop his property under its present zoning - the same zoning it held when he bought it.

No one is entitled to an automatic re-zoning approval, even though past Boards of County Commissioners have handed them out freely.

There is a process that must be followed and part of that process is a public hearing where anyone is allowed to speak for or against the re-zoning request.

At the Shaool public hearing, Court room No. 1 was full, with standing room only. Of that group, fewer than 10 people were there to support the re-zoning request. So Mr. Weikert, we do know there hasn't been a large outpouring of support for the Black Rock PUD and we can safely say that Del. Shank is representing his constituency and fully understands the downside of uncontrolled growth.

Jim Laird


Thanks, Don

To the editor:

I would like to take a few moments and thank Senator Don Munson for his continued support of Child and Children issues.

Munson has over the years, championed and supported program and services for all our youth, especially those with special needs. It is indeed refreshing to have a man such as Munson, in a position to help meet the needs of our youth.

Munson always finds the time, regardless of his hectic schedule, to help, listen and give immediate attention to your request.

We in Washington County are most fortunate to have Munson as our senator. Once he is aware of the situation his caring ways come forth and he acts upon the situation immediately.

Loni Wigfield


Master plan for schools needs close examination

To the editor:

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