Mail Call for 10/11

October 14, 2002

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"An informational meeting for a Neighborhood Watch group in the Maugansville area will be held at Maugansville Elementary School this coming Monday night at 7. If anyone has any questions, they can call me, Deputy Jim Holsinger, in the Washington County Sheriff's Department's Crime Prevention Unit at 301-791-3300, ext. 553."

"I see where some children got hurt on a school bus because of a truck. I wonder what happened to the law where you are supposed to stay 50 feet behind a school bus?"


"Regarding the all-day kindergarten, there are many counties that are trying the all-day kindergarten, including Washington, Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery County, which has had all-day kindergarten for over a year. As a kindergarten teacher myself, all-day kindergarten can be very effective."

"Regarding the comment about the dog at Fairgrounds Park. I agree that the owner should clean up after their own dog. However, we do need a park in this county for animals, where we can go and walk our dogs. At the national parks, it's not allowed."

"A lot of people are scared about all this talk about this sniper. But I am going to tell you the truth, I am more scared about what George Bush might do."

"I think George Bush should keep his nose out of the port union. He has enough on the go now as it is and he don't know what to do about any of it. Keep your nose out of it."

"I am calling in regards to the people on Summit Avenue who are putting down their neighbor because he or she said something about the children playing at Surrey. First I would like to mention that I am a school teacher and I do love children. I think it's wrong for these people to put their neighbor down, just because they said about the noise. This doesn't make this person a bad person, they have a right to live in peace within their own home. All this person was talking about was the noise."

"About all the people who keep putting down the Smithsburg band director because he forgot the banner for the Showcase of Bands. This is wrong. This is this man's first year directing the band. He is doing his best and forgetting a banner is no big deal. Get a life."

"Two women who work for a peace organization in San Francisco were detained at the airport and were not allowed to board the plane. Why? Because the FBI said they might be a threat. Thirteen people in Wisconsin, including a nun, were also detained and refused passage on a plane to Washington for a peace rally. Why? Because they might be a threat. It's time to throw Bush out of office and say no to a war."

"I have a two-part question about this smallpox vaccine that they are talking about. Number one, they are talking about all these side affects you can have, including death. I am one of the older folks who received this vaccine back in the '50s and early '60s before they stopped giving it to everyone. I don't remember all these dangerous side effects then. Number two, I was under the impression that once you have the vaccine, it was a one-time thing. If so, why would everyone have to have it again and face all these dangerous and deadly side effects? Someone with knowledge about this, please respond."

"This is about the sniper situation. Did you ever stop and think that it might be someone from a foreign country getting revenge? Because he isn't picking out just anyone, he is shooting old people, young people, anyone he can get a shot at. This is something to think about."

"Does anyone know anything about the emissions test? I thought there were some people who didn't have to take it. People who are on disability, retired or don't put any more than 5,000 miles on their car a year. Who has to take the test and who doesn't?"

"I want to know if there is anyone out there in Clear Spring who knows of a TOPS program in Clear Spring. If so, leave it in Mail Call."

"I wish people would stop complaining about the fall trash pickup. I think it's a wonderful service. I have relatives in Pennsylvania and their town has a similar program. Just feel lucky that you have a way to get rid of your unwanted items."

"To the person who wanted to know the numbers for the TOPS program. One is called Maryland Chapter #308, Friday, Oct. 11, weigh-in 4:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.; program from 6 to 7 p.m., First Christian Church, 1345 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown. Meets every Friday. Guests are invited. Call 301-739-3542 or 1-717-749-3023 for information."

"Does anyone know anything about the closing of Ponderosa Steakhouse? Have they gone out of business or have they been relocated somewhere else? Also, what do we do about our gift certificates?"

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