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Mail Call for 10/10

October 11, 2002

"I have a question for the person with the critters and skunks getting into their garbage. Did you try putting several caps of bleach in there? Did it work for you? I tried it and it works wonderful. I started doing it last week and nothing bothered the garbage. Who ever gave the idea to put the bleach in the bag, thank you ever so much. Mail Call, I love you, I found so many wonderful tips in here from people."

"There has been another stabbing on Broadway. One of many in the last 12 months. When is our law enforcement going to take a closer look at this situation?"

"My name is Martha and I am responding to the article in Mail Call where someone had some 3X and 4X clothes. I am not the one that originally called in, but I am interested in these clothes. I am on a tight budget. My number is 301-791-8117. If you call my house, ask for Tootie."


"Yummy, yummy, I have a question for the tummy. How many of you tried that recipe for the mayonnaise cake? The one that was in Mail Call the other week. It said to take a regular Duncan Hines cake mix add a half cup of water, one cup of mayonnaise and three eggs. I tried it, it is the moist and delicious chocolate cake I have ever eaten. I also whipped up the peanut butter icing they spoke of. Using the simple recipe on the box of the 10x sugar and adding a half cup of peanut butter to it. Did anyone else try it? I made that cake one afternoon and by evening it was gone. What a treat. Whoever left the recipe, thanks so much. By the way, Mail Call, you are wonderful."

"I think what they need to do is start in Montgomery County with the State Police and the National Guard and go house to house and seize all guns in Maryland, since the sniper is out there. I would like to hear all the outrage response in the paper after this is put in. All these people are so afraid that they are going to take their deer rifle away. What is sad about this whole thing is, they said that it was a high-powered hunting rifle that killed all these people. So that goes to show that taking the handguns away didn't do any good anyway. They are going to have to take all the guns away."

"I was reading where someone said about regarding the all-day kindergarten, that you would realize that it is participating in inner- city schools because the kids are at risk for. Winter Street Elementary has all-day kindergarten, what are our children in this area at risk of. I would like to hear someone else's input on this. What are they at risk of?"

"I am calling about the run down trailer on Alternate 40, just below the South Mountain Inn. I would like to know why someone can't make the owner tear it down or move it completely. It is an eyesore for Washington County."

- Boonsboro

"Is there a ban on burning wood and trash in Sharpsburg?"

"This is Judy. Halloween is coming and I would like to know if someone has a moist gingerbread recipe for Halloween? I would like it to be a homemade one from scratch."

"To the person who has emphysema and was denied disability. I too have lung problems. I was turned down two times. Then I went and got a lawyer. When I went for my third hearing, I was granted it. They pay you your back pay, but you don't get it for six months. Then you get the other half six months later. Then of course, there is the attorney fees. When it all boils down to it, you don't get a whole lot. But maybe you worked enough in your life to help you out. Go to get a lawyer. It helped me."

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