Mail Call for 10/9

October 10, 2002

"Have you ever noticed that most of the politicians who promise to bring home the bacon always steal your pig first? The Speaker of the House is different, though. He takes two pigs, one for each beltway, and only brings back one sausage. If the sausage is made the way he makes the laws, it probably is pretty hard to gag down. At least the casing will be traceable."

"I want to respond to the person who wanted to know what to use to get false teeth whitened. The best and only thing for that is Efferdent tablets."

"We have a neighbor who mows late in the evening. I know that you have to mow, don't get me wrong. It was beautiful on Sunday and I saw that you did nothing. Instead you wait until it gets almost dark to start mowing at 8 to 8:30 at night. You should be more considerate of your neighbors and try to be done before dark. You know who you are."


"For the persons responsible for the theft of my son's stereo at K-Mart on Thursday, Oct. 3, you also took a book bag. This was very important to him for college but of no use to you. Would you please put the bag, with all the materials and books inside of it, outside the K-Mart so someone in the store can find it? We would appreciate it if it would be returned."

"I am calling to see if anyone knows how to make the old-time boiled apple dumplings. If so, call Mail Call and tell us how to do it."

"I want to thank The Herald-Mail for Charlie Reese's article in Saturday's paper about all the problems in the Middle East and what it all comes down to. I think Charlie has a way of telling things like they are and I thank you for printing this column. In the Daily Mail, Sue Hecht says that she supports the Second Amendment. That is simply not true. I wrote her a letter complaining about that and she responded to me that she knew what was best."

"I just read the article in the paper about opposition and about the housing in Clear Spring. Good for you all. Keep it up. We don't need any more. What about the water supply."

"Clear Spring residents, fight it. There is no sense in building new developments around here. This Mr. Shaool said this county would die without growth. Baloney, we have enough growth around here. If you think of nothing else, think about the water. Use common sense, county commissioners, stop it now. We need no more houses here."

"Concerning the shootings in Rockville, Md., I think you should keep it off the news because this is making this guy happy and he is going to continue shooting."

"Come on, city, get up in the West End and get this trash out. It looks terrible sitting around all over the curbs. It looks terrible, get rid of it."

"To the person who called in and said that everyone in Hagerstown should mind our own business. If we are all taxpayers here in Maryland, this is our business. If someone is living out of state, taking taxpayers' money like a leech, and taking our vehicles home from the city and county, then it is our business because it is our money."

"I agree with Monday's Mail Call response from the person who asked why do all the landlords have to suffer, why not just go after the deadbeat landlords? I agree. I live in the city limits. I am a single mother with three children. I was told that I didn't qualify for Section 8 because I make too much. We are just barely making it, we don't get any type of child support. I applied but haven't gotten it yet. My landlord told me that if I got it, my rent would go up. He said that he would have to raise it because he has to pay $45 a unit. I don't think this is fair to us tenants."

"A few words of thanks to those students and band directors who participated in the Showcase of Bands on Oct. 1. It was evident that much time and energy was spent preparing for this event. As a parent, it is always a pleasure to see how much talent there is here in Washington County. I enjoyed all the performances this year and it was especially nice to see the Smithsburg Band playing the difficulty of music as the other schools involved. Hats off to their new director for the fine display of musicianship. Keep up the good work."

"In Monday's paper, Mr. Shaool made the remark that this county is dying. He is totally wrong, it is already dead."

"I thought that was a cute letter to the editor about the Democrats Drunk with Power. I have been a Democrat all my life and I have not voted for a Democrat for governor in the last 20 years."

"I was wondering if anyone knew when Sharpsburg was going to have their clean up?"

"We were riding around the park on Manor Church Road when three boys threw stones at our car. They did $500 worth of damage. We had witnesses of who the boys were and they have been throwing stones around the neighborhood. You will be getting our bill. I can't understand why these parents let these kids run around the neighborhood. You will be notified because the police are involved. It's a shame that these boys have to do this to a new car like this. Someone could have really gotten hurt."

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