Mail Call for 10/8

October 09, 2002

"There are people going from neighborhood to neighborhood, wanting to seal your driveway. Be careful! They claim to guarantee it for three years. They don't even come back the next few days to fix it. They try to do a fast job, very little cleaning and prep work to the driveway, very thin coat. They leave your driveway in a mess and charge you $200 to $300."

"You know it is almost too much for one's mind to conceive and handle. First there was the 9/11 attacks, now there is these shooting sprees that some mentally disturbed person is doing. Now I read in the paper where a group of Milwaukee boys beat a man to death and one described how he jumped back each time he struck the man in the head with a shovel handle, so the blood wouldn't get on his clothes. What is this world coming to? It makes me think that perhaps it would be such a relief when our Savior decides that enough is enough and calls it all to an end. You know the Bible says that the end will come. I do believe that it is just around the bend. It can't get much worse than this, can it?"


"To the lady who was requesting large sized men's clothes. To request a catalog for men's big and tall sizes, call 1-800-436-0800. They will send you a free catalog. They sell very nice clothes. I hope this helps you, I know large sizes are hard to find for men and woman."

"We need a good doctor in Boonsboro that knows something about the heart."

"I noticed on the local TV news at 11 p.m. on Thursday, there was a photograph of Sgt. Knight who was wounded a few weeks ago, so I take it, he is back to work. This sergeant has to have a lot of courage. I know for a fact that he served in the United States Marine Corps and to go back into the community to protect us in Hagerstown, he should be recognized by our city officials for his courage and God be with him."

"I found a credit card in the AC&T parking lot next to the Prime Outlets on Sharpsburg Pike. I returned it to the cashier inside. If you lost it, go see about it."

"In response to the person who put in Mail Call about the bricks that have given way in front of City Hall. I agree with you. If everyone remembers right, years ago, they had bricks down before and they gave way then. They were too slippery when there was ice and snow on them so they had to tear them up and put concrete down. The same thing is going to happen again so why waste the money? Watch and see. Who is paying for this? We must have tons of money to waste."

"To all the people concerned about the Post Office on Northern Avenue. They are going to keep the post office, but they are going to put it in the West End."

"In the paper the other night they had a story about the SHARE program. The girl in Sharpsburg wrote about it. I was wondering if someone could call in about that information because I know a lot of people who would be interested in it."

"My name is Harry and I don't think it's right that they charge people to use the medevac helicopter when all the people in the state of Maryland pay this extra money for their tags when they register their vehicles. I would like to know what everyone else thinks about this."

"I am responding to the Mail Call about the trash sitting around Hagerstown. I think it's a big eyesore also. Anyone visiting Hagerstown would think, 'oh my God, what a mess this is.' It's everywhere, please get to work and pick it up."

"To the person looking for the 3x and 4x clothes. I have some that I would like to give away. Call Mail Call and leave your number, I will call you and get them to you."

"Regarding the all-day kindergarten, if you check with the Board of Education, you would realize that the schools that are participating in it now are the inner-city and it is to benefit the inner-city kids that are at risk."

"I was reading where Meals on Wheels needs volunteers and they said they need them bad. I called them about three weeks ago. I got the machine so I left my name saying that I was interested in volunteering. They must not need them that bad or they would have called me back."

"I would like to meet the person who decides whether you are eligible for disability. It seems like they give disability to people who are not even eligible. I have chronic emphysema and can barely walk, can't get around at all and they had the nerve to deny me."

"I am hearing a lot about the Hagerstown Hoedown on Saturday, Oct. 12, on the radio. We had a Hoedown on Saturday, Oct. 5. They had a lot of crafts, food, scarecrow making, music and more. What was most important was when you entered the park there was a truck loaded with food for the needy."

"I just wanted to tell Ric Dugan that the picture he took of the American flag reflected in rain drops is very unique and stirs a burning sense of patriotism within your soul. It was on the front page of the Sept. 20 paper and it caught my eye right away. Keep on taking pictures like that. We love them."

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