Letters to the editor 10/8

October 08, 2002

Perini's my pick

To the editor:

I appreciated the Peter E. Perini Sr. interview in the Sept. 29 Sunday Herald-Mail because it should convince all area business leaders to support his campaign. Historically, Republicans have been touted as "pro-business," but in the case of District 2A, the Democrat will be the one to bring our message to Annapolis and bring growth to the county at a pace that will bridge businesses and consumers alike.

I am not a Hagerstown native. I moved here from Georgia to raise my family and have a professional career. As a franchisee of Waffle House restaurants I have become aware of the importance of local laws, legislation, and common sense play in the day-to-day operations to satisfy both my business needs and those of the community.

I accepted the role of treasurer of the Committee for Peter Perini not only because he is a proven leader and has demonstrated his ability to build coalitions, but also because I believe he wants only the best for our area, both economically and culturally. Peter Perini holds himself to the responsibility as the leader for the positive changes to come.


In Sunday's article, his opponent called Peter a "walking conflict of interest." I would change that to read: "walking understanding of interest."

Peter Perini gets it. He understands that growth at a healthy pace will benefit local business (small and large), national businesses with offices in Hagerstown, the work force and the community.

With the right leadership, local businesses will contribute to community needs because a happy, healthy community is good for business. With the right leadership, we will approach zoning, construction, parking, and employment issues with more understanding.

Fairness, practicality, and common sense will produce solutions that propel us forward. This is a call for all Hagerstown business owners and professionals to vote Democrat in District 2A on Nov. 5. Peter Perini Sr. will get it done for all of us and make Washington County stronger.

Darrell Fowler


Retire Townsend

To the editor:

This is for the registered voters of Maryland.

In the Herald-Mail Monday, Sept. 2, on page A-6 the paper states Lt. Gov. Townsend pledges millions for drug treatment programs to Baltimore City if she becomes governor in 2002.

As far as I know the state had a good program going with their "boot camp" but she along with the governor closed these because inmates cried about the treatment they were supposed to have received. She then rewarded them millions of our tax money.

Mayor Martin O'Malley also welcomed the announcement of Townsend. I guess so, but let him and Baltimore City find and run their own programs and keep our money out of it. Also when you vote, keep Lt. Gov. Townsend out of it.

She has had a poor teacher these past eight years since the governor is leaving the state with a deficit of $1 billion.

Harry Himes


Good deeds for Scouts

To the editor:

I would like to thank the United Way Day of Caring and Sponsors, First Data Merchant Services. On August 28, 2002 we had more than 60 volunteers come out to the Mason-Dixon Council Boy Scouts Service Center to work on landscaping, tree planting, tree cutting and trimming, shelf building and lots of painting.

The work crews came from Callas Contractors Inc., First Data Merchant Services, and GE Lighting. These work crews did a great job helping to fix-up the Service Center. We really appreciate it.

It is through help from people and companies like these that we are able to provide quality Scouting programs to area youth.

Brad Bowersox

Scout Executive

Mason-Dixon Scout Council


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