Altieri's goals at a glance

October 07, 2002|by ANDREA ROWLAND

Hagerstown Community College President Guy Altieri's proposed strategic goals for the school include:

  • Adopting strategic change and continuous quality improvement systems. This involves planning and budgeting and assessing such outcomes as student performance by measuring achievement levels using outside standards such as employer surveys and state board examinations, Altieri said.

  • Promoting teaching excellence and maintaining a responsive and dynamic curricula. This includes cutting outdated programs and developing new programs based on community and student needs, Altieri said.

  • Continuing proactive enrollment management and marketing activities. This includes trying to retain more students who haven't completed their educational goals and reaching out to under-served populations such as students without transportation, Altieri said.

    "First and foremost we're targeted at local folks," he said.

  • Aligning facilities development and management with mission-based priorities. For example, funding might first be sought to renovate HCC's science labs because those facilities will help meet the needs of the planned University System of Maryland Hagerstown Education Center, Altieri said.

  • Increasing technology applications in a cost-effective manner. This includes expanding HCC's Internet capabilities and technology infrastructure to support future growth. All HCC students and part-time faculty members were issued their first e-mail accounts this fall, Altieri said.

  • Improving human resource development systems. This includes establishing and maintaining competitive salary and benefits packages and improving recruitment, selection and orientation. HCC recently hosted its first on-campus job fair to find new full- and part-time college employees, Altieri said.

  • Enhancing resource development, allocation and re-allocation strategies. This includes making better use of available funds and resources.

  • Expanding community services and strategic partnerships and alliances. This includes collaborating with community leaders to shape HCC's future and cooperating with community organizations seeking educational solutions to economic and social problems.

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