Mail Call for 10/4

October 07, 2002

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some` of the calls we have received lately:

"For all you people out there who think our president shouldn't go over and get Saddam. You should have seen the report I saw the other night on TV. It said that Saddam has mass produced all kinds of biological and chemical warfare weapons. One in particular, was your everyday botulism. One teaspoon in the air is enough to kill three million people and I didn't know this, there is no cure for it. If you get it, you would wish for death. It's absolutely horrible. So if you think that our president shouldn't go over and get him out of there, I don't know what else could convince you. Maybe the Lord Himself. Look up and ask Him for the answer, He will show you the light and which direction to go in."


"Wednesday, Oct. 2 Mail Call there were three people, who responded to the lost ring that my son found while leaving the mall parking lot. It didn't belong to any of the people who responded. We still have the ring. The ring had very distinct markings on it. If you or your loved ones lost the ring, call Mail Call and leave your number and I will call you. This ring must have had sentimental value to someone, so I would like to find out who it belongs to, so I can return it."

"I read one Mail Caller that seems worried about President Bush being unbalanced. I am scared about what is going to happen. What is wrong with the other senators that all vote for war? President Bush was mostly voted in by religious people that agreed with his views. What are his views now on 'Don't kill?"

"My name is Lori Hall and I am the 'Around Maugansville' Correspondent and there has been some interest expressed in getting a Neighborhood Watch in Maugansville. I wanted to leave my number if people wanted to contact me and I will try to coordinate that. My number is 301-745-6433."

"My name is Jackie and I wanted to leave a message for the guy that called in about the Verizon Caller Intercept Program. Actually if you have that installed and keep it for a couple of months and then you can cancel it. Then the telemarketers will stop automatically. I kept it for two months and then canceled it and now I don't get any telemarketers."

"I was calling about all the trash sitting around Hagerstown, I think it was supposed to be picked up over a week ago. In a lot of the areas, it has been sitting for a week and a half now. It's terrible looking. When are they going to pick this stuff up, especially in the West End and along Virginia Avenue?"

"In response to the person who said they talked to the staff at the Northern Avenue Post Office and they said that they weren't building a new post office and they were going to remain where they are. I don't know who you talked to, but someone was pulling your leg, I know for a fact that they are moving to Leitersburg Pike because I work there. Also to the person who said that the post office was put on hold, if I would read the paper, I would know. This is true, it is being put on hold, but it is and will be on Leitersburg Pike when it is all said and done. I know again because I work there. So get your information right before putting it in Mail Call."

"For the 'Days of Our Lives' fans, watch out, Shane is coming back. But we are sorry to say that we will be losing Philip within a month or so. So look for Shane and possibly information on Kayla returning."

"I want to make a comment on this thing about all-day kindergarten. Why should some of them go all day and some of them go half day, if they don't have room for them? Why don't they cut them in half, if they got 56, 28 in the morning and 28 of them in the afternoon? That sounds like the best plan to me. Why should 30 of them go all day and 26 of them go half day? Why not split them in half. Let them each go half, it sounds like a good division to me."

"Where I can get the Walking Liberty Silver Dollars for my grandchildren for Christmas? If anyone knows where I can get them, leave it in Mail Call."

- Hagerstown

"In regards to all the bricks that they are laying in Hagerstown. Some of them are already given way in front of City Hall on North Potomac Street. I don't understand, they just put them in."

"I think the old Dunkin' Donuts building would make a good little coffee shop, where people could wait on the bus."

"I would like to thank Doris for the trip that we took to Tennessee. I would also like to thank her for my supper, it was a very nice trip. From Shirley."

- Boonsboro

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