Letters to the editor - 10/4/02

October 04, 2002

City council gave a poor excuse on memorial

To the editor:

I am astounded and disappointed at the decision of the Martinsburg City Council regarding the placement of the Firefighters monument. The international symbol that they are referring to is the one that we have seen displayed in New York City and across America, especially since Sept. 11.

City Manager Baldwin stated so confidently that they do not recognize unions and therein was the reason to deny the placement of the monument. I ask, did you recognize them when the International Firefighters Union paid for training that your city employees (firefighters) received?

Oh, I guess you were getting something that benefited you, so that's okay? Did you recognize the members of Local Union 805, when they purchased smoke detectors (with assistance from a local business) and went into citizens' homes to install and inspect them?

Even though you may not "recognize" unions, there is one and the excuse you gave them for not letting them place the monument at the headquarters is a lame one at best.


Our firefighters have had an outstanding history of serving our City, we are proud of them. I know that they will keep providing us with the professional fire and rescue services that we have become accustomed to, despite the deplorable action of the city council and manager.

Jim Rogers

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Maginnis column shows prejudice against McKee

To the editor:

M for McKee comes before P for Perini. However, the M for Maginnis appears to come before either of them.

Listing McKee, the incumbent, after Perini, the challenger, in the Sunday Opinion Page clearly shows the lower regard in which the editor holds McKee. Then, in the second paragraph on McKee, Maginnis cites Perini's views about McKee.

Nowhere in the Perini write-up is McKee given the same opportunity. So much for fair and balanced.

The same Herald-Mail bias shows itself when running stories or comparing gubernatorial candidates Robert Ehrlich and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Just look at the constant pushing of the Townsend name first in any coverage - pictures or text.

In fact, the last Herald-Mail write-up listed Ehrlich's, then Townsend's views, and then Townsend's rebuttals of Ehrlich's views.

Nowhere could you find Ehrlich's rebuttals on Townsend's views in the coverage of the candidates by our local paper.

Tom Janus


Write-up favored Perini

To the editor:

The Sept. 29 Herald-Mail featured two articles by Bob Maginnis which focused on the 2A Delegates race. We won't have to wait until election day to tell who Maginnis is voting for. His introduction of Del. Bob McKee repeats the claims of Peter Perini and then defines the article on Perini's terms.

What is laugh-out-loud is Perini's claim that "McKee doesn't care out the welfare of children." In the next paragraph we read that Bob McKee is executive director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Washington County - an organization that's entire mission is to improve the welfare of children!

One can see that volunteerism is an alien term to Perini, but slugging the citizens of Washington County with more state (taxpayer funded) programs is what the Democrats do so well.

John Olson


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