Mail Call for 10/3

October 04, 2002

"Why do these women who drive in these big cars blow their horn at everything they see and everyone they see?"

"Outside of the telemarketers, how can I get in touch with someone to stop all these catalogs I am getting? I never gave anyone permission to send me these catalogs. Let me know who I can get in touch with."

"I would like to know why our senator does so much for some elderly people and then turns his back on others. It's not fair to the rest of us."

"I would like to take time to thank the ambulance people who picked me up a few weeks ago. I am a middle-aged woman and I was having difficulty walking and I don't drive myself. I have to walk everywhere. They transported me to the hospital. They were very nice people. It was two men and a lady. I think her name was Lisa. They got me to the emergency room. They couldn't find what was wrong at the emergency, but later on, my doctor ran x-rays and found that I had two fractures in my pelvic area so it was something pretty serious. I felt kind of foolish calling an ambulance that night, being middle-aged and saying I couldn't walk, but they were very nice about it. They couldn't have treated me any better."


"In regards to the person complaining about the juveniles leaving their bikes on the sidewalks on North Mulberry Street, if this is all you have to complain about in this world today, then I feel sorry for you. There is so much going on in this world today, all you want to complain about is a child leaving their bikes on the sidewalk. Please think about it, stop complaining about little things like this."

"I am looking for information on the soup kitchen in Williamsport. I am interested in volunteering on baking or cooking of some sort. If you would leave a response in Mail Call, I would appreciate it."

"I would like to thank the person for putting in about caller Intercept. We have it, none of the telemarketers call or anyone else. All your calls are from everyday people. The only thing bad about it, is most of the doctors offices have unauthorized callers on their phone, otherwise they have to put a code in to be able to call them. All you do is tell your doctor to use that code number and they can get through. But we have not had any telemarketers call us since we put that caller Intercept on there."

"The president wants to go to war. He said we need to in order to stop Saddam from using his chemical and biological weapons. The president and the rest of the administration fail to remember that it was Ronald Reagan and George Bush I, that gave Saddam those chemical weapons. George Bush just wants to steer the voters away from thinking about the economy and health care. So the few of us that go out and vote, should ignore this war and go out and vote. The economy, our pocket books, what matters? George Bush is going to go to war, whether we like it or not."

"I have been reading in Mail Call about all these people upset about this woman caught on video beating her child in the car. Yes, that woman should be punished. But it's amazing that a couple of months ago, when someone in Mail Call complained about a woman smacking her child on the head in Martin's, everyone told this woman to mind her own business, that this is what children need, a little discipline. Obviously, you are all hypocrites and none of you should be raising children."

"I was at the Showcase of Bands and I was wondering what happened to Smithsburg's color guard and banner? It was very disgraceful to not have our school's represented when everyone else's was."

- Smithsburg

"I just returned home from the Washington County High School Showcase of Bands and I want to congratulate all the fine schools for their performance this evening. The students worked so hard and it really showed. My comment is about my child's school. My children are members of the Smithsburg High School Leopard Band and I must say this year was much different. I can allow a new band director a time to rebuild, but sir, where was the Smithsburg High School banner? Why were we without a color guard or our school song? We had the largest band on the field tonight and I along with the majority of the Smithsburg fans were shocked to not have this. Please show the pride and respect in our school like we do and never allow this to happen again."

"I would like to thank the woman who came up to help my daughter who was choking at the Chinese resaurant on Tuesday afternoon. Your help was greatly appreciated."

"I have a beautiful hydrangea bush, but it didn't bloom for me this year and I was wondering why?"

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