W. Va. pedestrian injured while trying to cross street

October 02, 2002|by CANDICE BOSELY

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A man attempting to cross Winchester Avenue was struck by a Cadillac early Tuesday evening, and two witnesses said the man's body flew into the air before coming to rest several feet ahead of where he was hit.

Cpl. April Pride of the Martinsburg Police Department said at the scene that she did not know the name of the victim, who was taken away in an ambulance a few minutes after the accident. His condition could not be obtained.

The man who hit the pedestrian, 73-year-old John Hutzler of Inwood, W.Va., was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device. A traffic light above the crosswalk in which the victim was walking was red at the time, she said.


Russell Crawford was driving a pickup truck behind Hutzler's Cadillac when the accident happened. He said the sun was in his eyes, making it difficult to see. The crosswalk is at the top of a small hill.

Crawford said the victim pushed the button used by people who need to cross the street, and waited until the streetlight was red to walk.

"His soda went one way and his hat went the other," Crawford said. Carrying a box of tissues, Crawford said he intended to give them to the victim, whose face was bleeding, he said.

After the man was taken to the hospital, Pride picked up a blue hat the victim was wearing, which read "U.S. Air Force," along with some other papers scattered along the side of the road. She picked up a can of Pepsi and sat it on the curb.

The accident happened across from Winchester Avenue Elementary School.

Police blocked off the section of Winchester Avenue from Rocky Lane to Buxton Street as officers took digital photographs and measurements of the scene.

Hutzler stopped his car after hitting the man and stood on the sidewalk afterward, filling out paperwork.

Portions of Winchester Avenue are rough, awaiting repaving. The road was graded where the accident happened, making the drop-off from the curb a few inches lower than normal.

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