Blast from the Past

October 02, 2002

Week of Sept. 29, 1952

Evidence of a fight to the death between two buck deer was discovered in the mountains west of Hancock this week.

John Williams was training his hunting dogs when he came upon the carcasses of the two bucks with their antlers locked together.

Marshall Dennison, who lives at 8 N. Prospect St., two blocks from Public Square, thought he might be dreaming when he looked out the kitchen window this morning. There perched on the banister of the back porch was a big owl, apparently staring right back at Marshall and only a few feet away.

Property owned by the City of Hagerstown is valued at $13,587,697, an increase of about $600,000 over the value fixed a year ago.


This includes all the capital assets of the city but represents only the book value. The actual value of the property would be much greater in today's market.

Week of Sept. 29, 1977

The name of Hagerstown just made front page in a Lexington, Ky., newspaper. Although misspelled "Haggerstown," it was mentioned along with Baltimore as the site of action in a movie, "Black Beauty," which is now being filmed, not in Maryland, but in the Bluegrass State, because a Universal Films Company official decided that "Kentucky looks more like Maryland than Maryland looks like Maryland."

Hancock, the Western Maryland town of 2,000 people, will kick off its Canal/Apple Festival Week on Sunday, Oct. 2, celebrating the community's apple crop and its C&O Canal heritage.

Just five months ago, two seemingly unrelated incidents occurred - an old school went up for sale and a newly organized school decided it needed new facilities.

Eventually the two got together and the old Washington Street School became the new Broadfording Christian Academy and College.

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