Letters to the editor - 10/1/02

October 01, 2002

Too much money?

To the editor:

My best wishes to Tim Riford and the Consolidation of Government Functions Task Force. As a citizen of Hagerstown and Washington County, I watched the only consolidation I was ever aware of come and go after a few years. I'm referring to the demise of the county and city real estate tax bills being mailed to us in one envelope.

I thought it was great while it lasted. But it stopped a couple of years ago. And this year, not only with higher mailing costs, but also containing larger increases, we citizens are receiving deluxe treatment.

Now the bills come, individually, complete with return envelopes for the first time ever. Guess they just don't know what to do with all that extra money. Good luck to you and your committee.

Pat Strachan


Rowland won't vote to endorse Mooney

To the editor:

Tim Rowland accuses Senator Alex Mooney of "scorched-earth politics," and then indulges his own in his Sunday column (Sept. 22). In it, he uses these terms in connection with Senator Mooney: creating messes, war chest, scorched-earth politics, ton of money, in the pocket of outsiders' interests, severe right-wing bent, dirty trick, obscene amount, no direct evidence (of theft) (where, then, is the indirect evidence to support this repeat of Rowland's implied accusation of thievery by Sen. Mooney?)


How can we expect a fair endorsement of the Mooney-Hecht race from the newspaper's committee - on which Rowland sits?

JoAnn West


Help Community Foundation find a caring volunteer

To the editor:

Dear Washington County citizen:

The Community Foundation of Washington County, Md., is looking for the caring, diligent soul who improves the human condition by sharing heartily of their own special talents and energy.

The Third Annual People's Choice Awards will recognize three individuals or couple who make differences in the daily lives of Washington County residents with an award given at a special dinner on Nov. 7, 2002.

Along with the award, the recipients will name their favorite charity to receive a $5,000 Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Washington County, Inc., through a gift from The Foundation.

You as a citizen are being given an opportunity to nominate individuals or couples who you feel deserve recognition in this way. Tell us about someone who live a quiet life of giving, a life of caring, a life that makes a difference for others, someone who gives generously and unselfishly of his or her time and ability.

To nominate an unsung hero, use the printed form below, or acquire a Nomination Form from the Community Foundation offices in one of the following ways.


Call us: 301-745-5210

Fax us: 301-791-5752

Pick up: 14606 Pennsylvania Ave.

By making good works visible through the outstanding volunteer award. the foundation and the community come together to make a difference in Washington County.

We look forward to receiving your completed nomination form.

Richard W. Phoebus

Chairman, board of trustees

Community Foundation

of Washington County, Md., Inc.


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