Mail Call for 9/30

October 01, 2002

"There will be a Neighborhood Watch in Maugansville because I am tired of stuff being stolen off of my porch and people using Maugansville Road as the Daytona 500."

"Regarding the problems in Maugansville, I would like to thank whoever called last year about our Christmas lights. But, I don't believe that there will be any this year because it's not worth the risk."

"In response to the lady who has worked in a nursing home for over 18 years and she said that things are worse in a nursing home than that lady who beat her child. Apparently she is just as bad as the people who are treating the old people bad because she has worked there for over 18 years."

"I got my Indiana quarters at a Clear Spring Bank, M&T Bank."

"As I came out of the Chinese restaurant across the drive at the shopping center on Eastern Boulevard where Weis Market is, I found a ring with three keys on it. I took it into the Chinese place. You can find them there."


"To the caller who wanted to know where Crayton Boulevard is, it's off of Maugans Avenue. I believe it is right beside Taco Bell."

"Being a county roads employee, I would like someone to answer why the Washington County Commissioners hired a County Roads Department supervisor who lives in Pennsylvania and takes a county-owned vehicle home every night into Pennsylvania? There was an article in a few months ago that the commissioner stated that all the supervisors must live in Washington County. Is this another deal that was made?"

"Come on Mail Call. We are all concerned about West Nile, but the only thing that we are overlooking is the C&O Canal which is nothing more than 184 miles of breeding ground for mosquitoes. It must be taken care of."

"I am beginning to think that George Bush is truly unbalanced and I think we should start impeachment proceedings. Some of the stuff that he has talked about lately just doesn't make sense."

"I live in Maugansville and I think it would be a good thing to get a Neighborhood Watch out here."

"Mulberry Street 'We Care Neighborhood Watch Group' is going to have a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 7 p.m. at the V.F.W. on E. Washington Street. All surrounding neighbors are welcome to come and show their support."

"I would like to make a suggestion to the employers out there placing ads for employment. It would be beneficial for you, and the ones looking for work, if you would put the name of the company, not just the address. Because if someone mails a resume, it will get returned because there is no company name. Please consider this."

"Is there a Neighborhood Watch in the Carroll Heights area of Hagerstown?"

"I want to thank Tim Rowland for his article in Wednesday's paper about the scantily clad women. It's so true today. Men, you are to blame, too.

"Does anyone know how to get rid of skunks? He keeps knocking over our trash can and he drags trash everywhere. He only comes out at night, we don't see him during the day. We moved our cans but he still finds them and keeps doing it."

"I wonder if the folks that work for the railroad are upset at Brunswick because they call their football team the Railroaders?"

"Is there anyone out there that has 3X or 4X men's shirts or 42-inch waist pants, long length? If you do, and you want to give them away, call me at 301-733-9476."

"I was thinking we should ask the prison system what they are doing about conserving water since we are in a budget crunch as well as a drought. Perhaps some readers could give a response to this."

"I am calling in response to someone in Mail Call who said about how terrible nursing homes are. I don't believe it. Williamsport Nursing Home is wonderful. I worked there for 23 years. My dad was there for three years, while dying of cancer, and he was so proud to be there. My mother has been there now for six years and I couldn't ask for any better care. So I don't want everyone to think all nursing homes are bad because they're not."

"With winter now approaching, would someone please convince the Washington County Highway Department to stop throwing stone all over the road every time it snows? All you need is salt, stones don't do anything but make a mess on the road once the snow melts."

"I think we should let Frederick have the water for free."

"Whose bright idea was it for the city of Hagerstown to deliver water to Frederick, when they are the ones who overbuilt their city and didn't have an adequate water supply? Let them deal with it. Keep the water for the Hagerstown people."

"About the person who called in and complained about their neighbor who was selling used cars in the driveway of their development in Boonsboro. Go to the homeowners association and they can stop that immediately."

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