Letters to the editor for 9/28

September 30, 2002

Girl Scouting is great fun

To the editor:

The Junior Girl Scouts of Troop 129 are writing this letter to tell your readers about Girl Scouting.

We all wrote reasons why we joined Girl Scouts. We all like to go camping, earn badges, take fun field trips and learn a lot of different things.

We do a lot of community service work. We made bag lunches for the homeless people in the shelter. We collected gifts for the girls at the orphanage. We marched in a candlelight ceremony for abused children.

We also do a lot of fun things. We marched in the Mummer's Parade, we had a birthday party for Juliette Low and on our Thinking Day we visited countries from around the world. We are going to go to a national Girl Scout sing-a-long with 100,000 other Girl Scouts from around the country. We have a camping trip and family picnic planned.


We think any girl would have fun in Girl Scouts.

Manie Gabrielle Messner

Kara Billmeyer

Katie Leigh Whittaker

Jessica Castle


Stop, before you're socialized

To the editor:

In response to John Yost's letter in your Sunday edition, "Inspectors cause headaches." I would agree with Yost. I am a contractor based in Frederick County.

If Yost thinks his experience was bad, try being a contractor. We in the industry can all agree, inspectors of all sorts have all of the authority, with no responsibility!

I will give an example - if Yost's deck falls off of his house, will he sue the builder or the county Inspector? Let me guess, the county inspector is "immune" from this. We all know what this is about, it's about control. The more county employees you have, the more votes you can get for politicians that favor big government. The solution is privatization! Let homeowners choose if they want inspection, and if they do, let a private company (that will assume responsibility), perform the inspections. In Yost's case, he could have signed a waiver for the railings he did not wish to place, relieving the builder and the private inspection company from liability.

You people in Western Maryland have a chance to set the standard. Don't become like the rest of Maryland where we've allowed Big Brother to shove socialism down our throats.

Kirby Delauter

Thurmont, Md.

Must have been a poor class

To the editor:

A back page ad in your newspaper rather amused me. The ad was canceling a raffle sponsored by a high school class reunion committee. I think that if people must engage in this type of gambling, the sponsors of such raffles should be service-oriented or charitable organizations.

If high school graduates cannot personally finance their class reunion, the observance should pass without fanfare.

James C. Failor


Local contractors did a great job

To the editor:

We have recently moved into our new home and would like to recognize some of the great people who made it possible. While most people have horror stories about their new home construction, we had a very positive experience and we feel that we worked with an exceptional contractor - James Houser, Construction and More.

Jamie looked at our plans and sent us to Jeb Eckstine Drafting for blueprints. Jeb made suggestions and changes until we came up with "our plan." Many thanks to Shives Excavating, The Lumber Yard, Shawn Smith (mason), Gary Thompson (plumber), Jack Snyder (electrician), Sam Marshall (United Propane), Ronnie Harrell, (heating/ac), Jerry (painter), Matthew Hess (Hess Cabinets), Burkholder's Flooring (Ken, Marlin and Terri), Spicher's Appliances, Reliable Furniture (Betsy, Norman and Andy), Round Town Movers and others we may not have met.

These people are true professionals who made our building experience a pleasure and our beautiful new home a reality.

Jeff and Linda Seiple


Time for the debates

To the editor:

Voters in the 89th District, don't you think it's getting late?

We need to know about the issues. Where is our candidates' debate?

I know the Sheffield camp has approached Rep. Jeff Coy on more than one occasion. But the response they've gotten was only "silent evasion."

So come on, Mr. Coy, why don't you make a positive connection?

Then we can decide who to vote for in the 2002 election!

Mary Burkholder

Chambersburg, Pa.

At last, progress being made in community, PenMar relations

To the editor:

Several months ago we began to make verbal and written inquiries to PenMar Development Corporation (PMDC) in an effort to better understand PMDC's current redevelopment plans at Fort Ritchie. Our initial inquiries were narrowly aimed at trying to understand how, when and why PMDC had decided to demolish, rather than donate, the Fort Ritchie gymnasium and theater.

These efforts culminated with PMDC taking two recent actions, as described below, that could have a positive impact on future developments at Fort Ritchie.

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