Who's at risk for breast cancer?

September 30, 2002

  • Age: Most breast cancer diagnoses are in women older than 50.

  • Family History: One or more first-degree relatives - mother, daughter or sister - have had breast cancer

  • No experience of childbirth, or having your first child after age 30.

  • Early onset of menstrual period (before age 12)

  • Late onset of menopause (after age 55)

  • n Obesity

  • Prior history of breast cancer

  • Significant radiation exposure to chest

  • Prior cancer of uterus or ovaries

  • Atypical hyperplasia - abnormal increase in the number of cells - or another pre-malignant condition

  • Multiple breast biopsies

  • Other possible risk factors are use of alcohol, taking birth control pills for many years, and taking post-menopausal estrogen.

- Source: Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization,

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