Mail Call for 9/27

September 30, 2002

"My son was recently shopping at the mall and when he left he found a ring while walking to his car. This ring apparently would be important to someone. If you recently lost a ring and can describe it, it has some distinct marks on it. Call and leave your number in Mail Call. You can describe it to me and I will be glad to return it to you."

"To the person who can't understand why we have a Civil War re-enactment. If you don't understand, it's part of history on how our country is born and built. You can't deny our children the way our country was brought up and developed. If it wasn't for those guys fighting and the history that is behind it, our country would not be as free as it is today. So don't knock the way the Civil War re-enactors do their thing. They are showing a part of our heritage."


"About the citizens stopping the development up at Black Rock, thank you, thank you, we have had enough development there. About the two guys who shot officer Knight, think about it, if they shot a policeman, they will shoot anyone walking down the street. I am telling you, they need to be searching for them."

"Please be more considerate of our police officers. This so-called knick on the forehead was from a bullet! I am sure that Mr. Knight's family and coworkers are over- whelmed with joy for still having him alive. Thanks, Mr. Knight, for serving and protecting our city."

"Can anyone tell me what the rule is in high school football for the kickoffs? Last Friday, North High kicked off in both halves in its game against Francis Scott Key. The announcer said FSK won the toss and deferred to the second half, so I thought that meant they would kickoff to start the game. North High kicked off and then kicked off to start the second half. How can that happen?"

"To the person who left a message in Tuesday's Mail Call. The post office on Northern Avenue is closing due to a new one being built on Leitersburg Pike across from the old Sears Shopping Center. We have known this for a year now. It's been in the paper, please read it."

"Stop building, we have enough problems with the water shortage now as it is."

"In Tuesday's paper someone called about the police officer that got shot in the forehead. Well maybe it was just a superficial wound, but I defy anyone to be shot in the face and not be totally shaken by it. It is a very serious thing and it is by the grace of God that we still have Officer Knight with us."

"Two people in last week's paper called Mail Call about the guard at the hospital and almost hitting him. I think they have a serious problem with anger and they better get an anger management course."

"I want to thank our good friend Bob McKee for all the good things that he has done for children in the past few years. Bob has changed a lot of children's lives for the better and I don't think the public knows how involved he is with the health and welfare of our children. Bob, thanks a lot."

"This is for Penny Nigh, you know I thought you were the best thing that ever happened to Hagerstown, but when I read in the paper where you said $45 is nothing compared to a landlord collecting $500 a month in rent. I think you need to take some business classes. You make it sound like every time a landlord collects that $500 he pockets all that money. Well, you are wrong."

"I would like to thank the staff at Homewood Nursing Home. My grandmother died there recently and they were very supportive there as the family was going through this horrible time. They were willing to bring us food and blankets and anything we needed. They couldn't have been any nicer. I would like to thank them again for their support."

"I want to know what the county employee policy is for dating between department heads. Particularly when one may be responsible for evaluations. Why doesn't the paper ask Greg Snook? Or would he be unavailable for comment, as usual?"

"Is there anyone in Hagerstown that sells clothing as an alternative to the Brittany Spears-type outfits in all the stores? Does anyone else have an eight year old child that they don't want to dress in little tiny tops and mini-skirts? It's not appropriate and I don't know what kind of message we are sending to girls that they all have to dress like this. It's OK to wear pants and it's OK to wear shorts that come down close to your knees. But I just don't know where to find these kinds of clothes. Everything is made to make 6- and 8-year- olds look like 17-year-olds and it doesn't make sense."

"To the person who wanted to know what happened to the Old Moose building on Downsville Pike. A group of lawyers bought it and they are remodeling it to make office space. For the person who wanted the new quarters, I got mine at F&M Bank and I think Hagerstown Trust has them."

"I was amazed to find out today that there are nine to 11 million illegal aliens in the United States and that in Montgomery County, they are allowed to vote. They don't have the right to vote. What kind of people in our government would allow this? They are here illegally. I guess this is just another Clinton/Gore era still going on."

"To the person in Wednesday's Mail Call who said she has stray cats and she has been feeding them. You can go to the SPCA on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m. they give cat food and cat litter away for free."

"To the person looking for Crayton Boulevard, it is located off Maugans Avenue, between the Taco Bell Restaurant and The Texaco Station. It has been there for a couple of years and should be on your map."

"I know where to find Indiana quarters, take a ride through Boonsboro, Smithsburg, Waynesboro, or Wayne Heights. Visit the stores and I guarantee you will find them. I shopped in Wayne Heights the other day and I received five of them."

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