Mail Call for 9/26

September 27, 2002

"Not a day goes by that I don't read in the paper or see on the TV where someone new has West Nile or someone has died from West Nile. Recently, I saw a question in Mail Call where someone asked when the government is going to step up on their procedures for spraying for mosquitos. You see on TV where down in Baltimore and different places they are spraying and they have also told people what to do. Dump all water containers, leave nothing around with water in where the mosquitos can breed, lay eggs and hatch. Still, I live in the Catoctin Mountains and I have seen nobody spraying. These mountains are filled with mosquitos. More people are dying from this West Nile than they did from anthrax."

"I believe that the woman who was seen beating her child on camera should be put in jail. She does not deserve to have custody of that child and I hope that child won't suffer any further and will be placed in a home where there is a lot of love and know how to raise children. I am glad this was caught on tape so she doesn't do it again."


"I am calling about transportation for younger kids. I saw where someone said that the buses are crowded. Well, you should be thankful that you have transportation for your kids, because my kids don't."

"Does anyone else mind the fact that every time you call somewhere, they put you on hold and they keep playing that recording for you to hold on? Every 15 seconds they come on and repeat that same recording saying that your call is important to them. Every time they come on and say that, you think it is a live person and then you start talking until you realize it's just that recording again. This is aggravating."

"I want to comment about the guy at South Pointe development who does all the mowing who wears the headband and glasses. He makes that place look so nice. I work down in the city and when I come down there, I just think it looks so nice. Everyone should be proud of him. Every time I see you, I blow my horn."

"I am looking for a men's pickup soccer game on the weekends. Call 240-313-9496 if you know of any soccer games in the Hagers-town area or outside of Hagers-town."

"In Monday's paper there is someone who wants to know what number to push if you don't want your number to show up on the Caller ID. What's wrong, are the police looking for you?"

"In response to the woman who walks five nights a week at Fairgrounds Park. I am one of the white dogs that bark at you and I am just saying hello."

"In response to the person who wanted to know what number to dial if you don't want your number to show up on a Caller ID. It is the star key and the number 67, then your area code and phone number."

"I was reading Monday's Daily Mail where Tim Rowland was writing about how the county has turned down managed development and then he tried to buy some more ground and now they don't want him to build there. Tim Rowland thinks it was good that Manny has done this to the county. Does he realize how many houses this man wants to build, yet again? How much water these houses are going to take? We don't have enough water to go around now, but this man wants to build hundreds of more houses. They have to put a stop to this. For Tim to go on Manny's side in the paper and say that the county has been put in a corner with this and he thinks it's good, he should be ashamed of himself. Maybe, in the near future, Tim will go and turn his spigot on and there won't be any water coming out and then he can think about this."

- Funkstown

"Does anyone know if we will ever get a good Costco and maybe a good Golden Corral restaurant in this area? The North End would be a great location for those stores. We attended both of these places in Winchester recently and they were extremely busy. It seems like this area could use stores of this type."

"I don't know who owns the black and white cat that is running loose in Orchard Hills and doing its business in my flower beds, but if I catch the cat, it is going to go to the SPCA."

"Glendening has brought the state of Maryland to the brink of bankruptcy. Kathleen Townsend hasn't a clue as to what is going on or how to handle it. If you want to see things get worse instead of better, go ahead and vote for Kathleen in November and you will see what will happen."

"I am so tired of these telemarketers calling and hanging up on me. What can I do to stop it? I have written letters and they still keep calling."

"The number that you dial before dialing a number to block your number on the Caller ID is star 67."

"When I was at Boonesborough Days, I almost bought a double umbrella type stroller for $40 for my two sons. It was on the main road going into Boonsboro. I regret not getting it. If you still have it, could you call Mail Call? I would like to get it now."

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