Mail Call for 9/25

September 26, 2002

"Mail Call pals, I am a 'Guiding Light' fanatic. I have been watching it for years. Well, I turned it on today and I was very saddened, they have stooped to the level as to bring on Joan Collins. Oh my. She is a glorified line grabber. She will steal the show, steal the theme. I didn't like her when she played on 'Dynasty' and I don't like her now. Why doesn't she go back in under the carpet? Back to London or wherever she was hiding. I hate to give up the show, but if they keep her on there very long, my tube will be turned onto another channel. Old Reva, you have been known as a drama queen, but move over, baby, the big drama queen of them all is trying to steal all the drama."

"I would like to know where Crayton Boulevard is. There is an ad in the paper for a job, it didn't give a phone number or the name of the place. All it gave was an address. I can't find it, I even asked the cab driver and they don't even know where it is."


"Washington County voters: Who is minding the store? In Friday's Daily Mail, you should read that about John Howard and his expense account. Is Rodney Shoop in charge, a non-elected official? We need to get these county commissioners out of office, it's terrible, starting with Greg Snook."

- Smithsburg

"Did a lot of those people in Florida move to Maryland just to vote for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend?"

"In response to the caller who said that Sept. 11 should make people realize that a day of judgment is coming. You are no better than Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robinson when they said America deserves this. You shouldn't scare people with religion. Nobody knows for a fact if there even is an afterlife. Besides people should do good things because they want to, not because they think God is marking their report card."

"Greenberry Hills residents will hold their watch meeting on Sept. 26, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Halfway Fire Company Social Hall on Lexington Avenue. There will be a speaker, Margaret Kline, speaking on the Hagerstown's Night Out Program. We will have other issues that affect our neighborhood and everyone is welcome."

"Now that the Civil War re-enactment is over, Hagerstown should have a World War II re-enactment. They can haul people through downtown and show them what bombed out Germany and London during the Blitz looked like."

"How do you get spiders out of your basement? They are mostly the white spiders."

"I saw where this woman was caught on tape for beating her child in a parking lot. You ought to come into nursing homes to see what goes on there. I have worked at a nursing home for 18 years and what goes on there is worse than what she did. They should soon put these cameras in these homes because it's terrible the way things are going on there. I feel sorry for that little girl and I feel sorry for the older people that are in these nursing homes because they are being mistreated every day."

"I live in Frederick Manor. We are having problems with people stealing bikes. To the little kids, keep your hands on your own bikes, before someone decides to put some kind of alarm system on them."

"I was wondering if there is any stray cat rescue that could help me. We have three stray kittens that we are feeding. I was wondering if there is anyone who could help us with vet costs. Please call Mail Call."

"Does anyone know if there is a neighborhood watch program in the Maugansville area? I am interested in volunteering if anyone could help me."

"I would like to approach the zoning and the county commissioners. I think they should look at the Potomac River and see how low it is and how desperate we are for water in Washington County. There should be a limit to the amount of building we do because we don't have the water and we may not get it with the snow either."

"Does anyone know where you can get the Indiana state quarters? I have been to several banks and all I hear is 'they haven't come in yet.' However, they have been out for over a month. Why don't the banks have any? they deal with money, don't they? I started collecting these and I hope it's not going to be a dud."

"To the person who called Mail Call about not wanting your number to show up on the Caller I.D. The number is *67. But I can tell you, if the person you are calling has their Caller I.D. blocked, they will not accept any calls from anyone that blocks out their number. Do you have something to hide? Is that why you don't want your number to show up. Think about this, if you try anything sneaky, they will find out who you are."

"I notice how your paper is always running commentaries on how you want to be fair and equal. But then you have people like Tim Rowland in Sunday's paper cutting up Alex Mooney and talking about him being a gay basher. The only think Mooney is guilty of is not wanting special laws for gays. So unless you are a gay person, I don't think you should consider that bashing."

"I love reading Mail Call and I wish the newspaper would allow more space for more calls."

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