SHORE wish I could've stayed

September 24, 2002|by BOB PARASILITI

Dear Boss (stop):

I'm sending you this telegram to let you know I might not be back in time from vacation to start my next shift (stop).

It's amazing how a week away from cozy Hagerstown changes one's priorities (stop).

Here I am lying by the pool at Myrtle Beach and my perception of sports is all different than it was when I was sitting across from you in the sports department (stop).

Must be what the natives are wearing down here (stop).

Let's face it (stop). Sitting here with my wife JoAnn and her parents watching my stepdaughter Brianna dive in and out of the water kind of changes all pressures and perspectives (stop).


I can't say that I haven't been paying attention to sports at all (stop). I mean, I still pick up a newspaper from time to time to see what's going on (stop).

But I notice the things I'm paying attention to are a lot different than what I would watch while I was working (stop).

So, here's what crossed my mind while I'm sitting here drinking my root beer with an umbrella in it (stop).

  • Did you see that interception return by Jason SEAhorn last Sunday (stop)?

  • I noticed on how well SANDy Alomar is playing for the Colorado Rockies since getting traded by the White Sox (stop).

  • Does there really have to be a morning after on the (Jorge) Posada Adventure (stop)?

  • It's amazing how I actually wondered how the San Jose SHARKS were doing during the NHL preseason (stop).

  • I wonder. Is Art SHELL still coaching in the NFL (stop)?

  • I actually looked at the Indy Racing League and CART standings for Billy BOAT and Sarah FISHER (stop).

  • And what about Sterling MARLIN (stop)?

  • Isn't it amazing the way the Seattle MARINERS have sunk out of the picture (stop)?

  • Somehow, the Florida MARLINS and the Tampa Bay DEVIL RAYS, two of baseball's bottom feeders, have peked my interest (stop).

  • And wasn't it awful how the Maryland TERRAPINS looked against Florida State (stop)?

  • There was even a few minutes to pay attention to the PELICANS, the Myrtle Beach variety in the Carolina League, thanks to this passage in Terry Massey's column of observations during his seven years on Myrtle Beach Sun News staff (stop).

It read (stop):

"Here are some of my favorite moments from our sports courts and fields: ...

"The Durham Bulls move to Myrtle Beach in 1999 after a bitter local battle over building a baseball stadium with public dollars. The investment paid off.

"The Pelicans put an instant winner on the field, taking the Carolina League title in their first two seasons. Seven ex-Pelicans already have played for the big-league Atlanta Braves.

"Despite some recent concerns, the Pelicans are still the best thing to land on the local sports scene as long as I lived here. ..."

These WAVES sound familiar but the interest seems to be at LOW TIDE here (stop).

  • Hey. Whatever happened to some of the players in recent baseball lore, like Ryne SANDberg and Ed KranePOOL. Has Pat BEECH seen the light of day lately (stop)?

  • I suddenly got interested in the play of guys like Steve FINley, Chuck FINley, Reggie SANDers, Greg CouBURNN, Eugene KingSAIL, er, I mean, Kingsale (stop).

  • Not to mention Tim SALMON, Jerrod WashBURN, Willie BANKS ... and for the big stretch ... Billy KOCH (of the day) (stop).

  • SAN(D)tana Moss and SAN(D)tana Dotson seem to be doing well on the NFL front (stop).

  • And I wonder, just what is former NBA guard Jon SUNvold doing right now. I thought he was working NCAA games (stop).

So, as you can see, sports has been on my mind a little (stop).

A few days in the sun just does wonders for a guy (stop).

But Boss, I promise I'll be back soon ... maybe by the time I have to write my next column (unlucky you) (stop).

Until then, though, I think I'll wait for the Miami DOLPHINS vs. SAN Diego Chargers game with a SANDwich. (stop).

Aloha Over and out (stop).

Parse (who should be stopped).

Bob Parasiliti is a staff writer for The Morning Herald. His column apears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131 ext. 2310 or by e-mail at

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