Trump votes are a concern

September 24, 2002

Trump votes are a concern

To the editor:

As members and supporters of the West Virginia Mountain Party, we wish to raise concerns about the voting record of our elected member to the House of Delegates, Del. Charles Trump.

Trump has done much for this community, including procuring state funds for the Morgan County Arts Council and other civic and community groups.

This is a good thing.

But this good work in Berkeley Springs should not blind us to our delegate's voting record in Charleston.

He claims to be opposed to mountaintop removal coal mining - a destructive and unnecessary practice in which coal companies rip off the tops of mountains to get to a seam of coal, and dump the wastes in the valleys below. (See Charles Trump page on

But in the only vote on the issue in the West Virginia Legislature, he voted to allow coal companies to dump the tons of wastes from mountaintop removal into the valleys below (1998 yes vote on SB 145).


He claims to support maintaining existing truck weight limits of 80,000 pounds. (See Charles Trump page on

But he opposed a bill that would do just that. (2002 no vote on HB 205).

And he voted for a regressive 6 percent sales tax on food. West Virginia is one of only a handful of states in the nation that has such a food tax. So, we are all paying a 6 percent tax on food, while out-of-state coal corporations aren't paying their fair share of natural resource taxes.

The Mountain Party opposes mountaintop removal, opposes any increase in the 80,000 pound weight limit on trucks, wants to repeal the tax on food, and wants to enforce the resource tax on out-of-state cold companies.

We need to elect a delegate who not only speaks out against mountaintop removal, increased weight limits on trucks, and for tax fairness - but who actually votes that way too.

Russell Mokhiber

Tom Brooks

Bibi (Brenda) Hahn

Matthew Hahn

Daniel Lapp

Angela Petry

David O'Brien

Kristine O'Brien

Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

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