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September 23, 2002

Japanese CEOs are most punctual

While corporate cultures differ from one country to another, so does the punctuality of chief executive officers, according to a survey of 2,700 CEOs in nine countries.

Proudfoot Consulting queried CEOs in the United States, Australia, Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan and South Africa and found that CEOs of Japanese firms are most likely to be on time to meetings - 60 percent said they are hardly ever late.

French CEOs had the worst performance, with just 36 percent saying they were usually punctual for meetings. American CEOs were almost as bad - 37 percent described themselves as punctual.

More ex-managers start companies

The number of former managers who started their own companies surged during the first six months of 2002, a new report says.


According to the Challenger Job Market Index, a quarterly survey of 3,000 laid-off or fired managers and executives, one in nine started their own business through June. It was the most active period for such start-ups since 1996.

Through the first six months of this year, 11.4 percent of jobless managers and executives started their own businesses, 44 percent above the 7.9 percent during the first six months of 2001. In the second half of last year, only 7.7 percent started their own businesses.

Bicycle tire pumps recalled

Todson Inc. has recalled about 10,000 floor pumps used for bicycle tires.

The pressure gauge lens can separate from the pump and strike a consumer.

The recalled Topeak Joe Blow Comp Floor Pumps are black and stand about 26 inches tall. The plastic pumps have the following date codes under the pressure gauge: 200003 through 200012 and 200101 through 200108.

Consumers should stop using the pump and contact Todson at 1-800-250-3068 or go to the company's Web site at to receive a replacement pump.

BMX freestyle bicycles recalled

Haro Bicycle Corp. has recalled about 1,100 BMX freestyle bicycles.

The length of the crank arm in the 2003 model fails to allow sufficient space between the rider's foot and the front wheel, when the front wheel is turned backward.

The recall includes the 2003 Haro BMX freestyle bicycles. The models involved are the F2 and the Backtrail XO.

Consumers should stop using the recalled bicycles and contact Haro at 1-800-289-4276 or got to to learn where to take them to have the crankset replaced free.

Company recalls mountain bicycles

Answer Products Inc. has recalled about 850 mountain bicycles.

The spring and adjuster can separate from the suspension fork and strike the rider.

The recalled 2002 model forks were installed on Specialized Rockhopper A-1 Comp and Mongoose Hot Link Sommet series bicycles.

Consumers should stop riding the bicycles and contact Answer Products Inc. at 1-800-423-0273 or go to the company's Web site at to determine if your bicycle is among the recalled models. Consumers should take their bicycle to any authorized Answer Products dealer for a free repair.

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