Mail Call for 9/20

September 23, 2002

Editor's note: Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

"I want to make a regretful remark about the local man who donated the bone marrow to the dying woman overseas. I was disappointed with his remark about his deed coming back to him. This made it seem like he did it all for the wrong reasons. We should all do things for others because we want to, not to get things in return."

"Did Sept. 11 make anyone realize that the Day of Judgment is coming? Change your ways and try to do better."


"I agree with the man in Wednesday's paper who said, where did they ever get the separation of church and state. I haven't seen it either, in the Bible, the Constitution or anywhere. How about the churches that are conducting church services in the schools? Isn't that a church and state thing? Not that I object, I thank God that someone is even having church, but it does seem strange. Some things they yell about and others they don't."

"About the officer in Hagers-town getting shot, was it because he wasn't able to get his trigger lock off in time or is it because the person who shot him didn't have a trigger lock?"

"I need to know who to contact about a Maryland law that requires residents to change a tag in the state of Maryland. We have had neighbors who have lived beside us for about two years now and still have out-of-state tags."

"We were in the north end of Hagerstown and we were wondering if the company Valu-Pak here in Hagerstown is still doing this. We haven't gotten a Valu-Pak in the mail for about two months. We were wondering if it is being stopped or only doing it every few months. Have they limited mailing them or what?"

"Can we get an Olive Garden in Washington County somewhere? Or, maybe an ice cream shop like Baskin Robbins or Haagen-Dazs where you can go into and sit down to eat the ice cream. How about a Chi-Chi's. Is there going to be a Safeway or grocery store in the north end shopping center?"

"To the people who keep bashing Susie Hoffman who writes the Around Funkstown column. I think she does a wonderful job, leave her alone, get a life and grow up."

"Who was the brain that was behind the idea of putting a security guard in the middle of the driveway when you go up the hill at the Washington County Hospital? It's bad enough you have to drive up that hill to try and find a place to park and now you have another obstacle in the middle of the road asking you where you are going. I am going to the hospital. Where do you think I am going? If I was going to Wal-Mart, I wouldn't be going up that hill. Whose bright idea was this? Put them back in the box where they belong."

"I'm just calling to see who's in charge of the 1983 class reunion for Williamsport High School. I'm really interested in helping with their fund-raisers so they can make money for our 20th reunion for next year. Can someone please respond in Mail Call?"

"This is to the gentleman who called me about the bus trip to colonial Williamsburg on Oct. 19. Please call me back at 301-432-8044 if you are still interested."

"I'm calling to find out if someone is interested in little girls clothes. I have a bunch of them. I have one that is over 12 months and a 4-year-old, and I was interested in finding out if anyone is interested in getting foster families or someone out there that is pregnant and due somewhere around the end of December. If you could call and leave your number in Mail Call, I will call you back. I'm really interested in getting rid of these clothes and I don't want to have a yard sale. I just want to give them to someone. I've been blessed with people giving me things, so I would like to pass them on."

"Top 10 reasons my neighbors burn their trash. 1.) They're thoughtless. 2.) It's easy. 3.) They don't know it's illegal. 4.) They're too cheap for trash pickup. 5.) 'Cause they can get away with it. 6.) They're thoughtless. 7.) They don't know where the dump is. 8.) They enjoy polluting the environment. 9.) They want to be fined by the Health Department and 10.) They're thoughtless."

"I am really tired of this over- development of Hagerstown that is going on. It is starting to look like Frederick and Gaithersburg. I think that the people who live in this community agree with me. Everyone that I talk to is tired of all the traffic and congestion and every other day, it seems like another developer is submitting another plan. I would like to know what the county commissioners are doing about this? Do they even look at the plans and see if they are consistent with housing in this area?"

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