Letters to the editor 9/21

September 23, 2002

Worship God or get out

To the editor:

How soon have some of us forgotten the day that will be burned into the hearts, minds and souls of every victim of Sept. 11, 2001.

It was the day that America was brought to her knees, not to beg for mercy, but to ask God to protect us from any further destruction.

To call to question "under God" would be slapping the one person who saved us from more of a loss than we expected.

For on that day, the victims inside the targets were saying "Oh my God" and then the families of the lost or injured were saying "Please God, help them."


The words "under God" brought forth a new meaning after Sept. 11, for it was in one nation under God that we united to save our fellow man, and it is one nation under God that we will continue to grow and stop the destruction of our nation.

To call to question "under God," these people should be ashamed and in turn we are ashamed to call them Americans.

Finally, if you do not like "under God" in our American allegiance - leave our country.

Regina Sanders


America is in the right

To the editor:

A letter written by a Bruce Aderhold in the Opinion section is crying out for attention. He gives the old party line that the U.S. is evil and the rest of the world is pure and innocent.

Who in the world have you been listening to? You say that the latest reason for the U.S. to "rape these poor countries and destroy any hope of independence, is that they may be housing terrorists." They do have terrorists in them, and if you have paid any attention, you would know that as it stands right now, there is no hope for independence!

Have you been there? Have you ever been in a position to experience combat? I don't think so. Manuel Noriega was a CIA agent - we're not perfect. However, he was a major drug trafficker, and we had to stop him. When you speak of Saddam Hussein, don't even think you can fool anyone into thinking he is innocent of anything.

We have to stop him from getting a nuclear weapon. He has already threatened us with it, once he has developed it or buys one.

Now don't you be confused, we are going to put Saddam Hussein out of power for our own protection from a nuclear strike. When you finally get to the end of your ravings, you have the audacity to tell President Bush how you believe the country should be run.

And if anyone should dare oppose you then we should spell it "Freedumb?" We are not being fooled by the government or you! And we are not a "herd." I guess the attack on the Twin Towers wasn't real either? Was that another plot from the "Hidden Rulers"? The "Black Ops" people? Our hidden government? What poor country are you trying to take freedom away from? Afghanistan? A country where women can't go to school? Where they can't even go outside without a close relative? Is that the poor country? You can't be serious! Iraq, Iran, Libya? Come back to the real world!

James Bailey


Public sewer not needed

To the editor:

I ask you one question with regard to the new sewer service in South Berkeley County, W.Va. - Why break something that is not broken? The state-approved septic systems have been working for the past 60 years, so why do we need a change?

The Public Sewer District is saying this could improve the water quality in the county, but they cannot show any improvement. Take a look at EPA laws, or the hole in the ozone layer - they cannot prove this. Gases like freon are supposed to be the cause, but freon is heavier than air and it goes down, not up. Global warming and acid rain are other EPA job-retention projects that are questionable. They are using taxpayers' money to keep their jobs.

In the 1995 U.S. Geological Survey evaluation of the country, scientists found 60 percent of private wells were contaminated by varying levels of bacteria. If my memory is correct, the local newspaper report from other scientists found that this was not true - it was a lot lower. I have not heard of one contaminated well in the south end of the county - they are in the north end.

The sewer project was mandated by the WVEPA on the grounds of protecting the health and safety of the residents already living here. What health problems are there? I have not read or heard of any. I wonder who the people were that lobbied the EPA to mandate this law? I'll give you one guess - the developers, builders, contractors, real estate dealers and large land owners in the path of the sewer line who want change and want to get rich.

Nelson T. Kane

Bunker Hill, W.Va.

Proposed Hagerstown rental inspection program has too many holes

To the editor:

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