Former club director is facing new charge

September 23, 2002|by CANDICE BOSELY

The former interim director of the Martinsburg Boys & Girls Club, who already faces one count of embezzlement, faces a second count after allegations surfaced that he used club money to pay his rent and for automotive repairs.

Glenn Edward Stanley, 37, of Winchester Avenue in Martinsburg, was arraigned on the second felony charge early Thursday evening. He is free on bail.

A police investigation into Stanley began Aug. 20, when the president and vice president of the club's board of directors approached Martinsburg Police Department officers, saying they believed signatures had been forged on some checks.


Police allege Stanley used forged checks to pay $600 for a 1984 Nissan 300 ZX and $1,000 for a 1985 Nissan 300 ZX. Also, he used $889 of the club's money to pay for his uncle's burial expenses in Baltimore, police allege.

Those allegations led to the first embezzlement count.

The second count stemmed from allegations that Stanley, using club checks signed by him, paid his landlord $1,000 for two months of rent and paid $1,765 for repairs needed on the two Nissans, according to court paperwork filed Thursday.

Chris Janelle, president of the Boys & Girls Club's board of directors, said the board never gave Stanley permission to use club money to pay his rent, police said.

Since the club did not authorize Stanley to buy the two sports cars, they did not authorize any repairs either, police said. Stanley said he intended to use the cars for the club, but registered them in his name for insurance reasons, police said.

After police filed the first embezzlement charge, Stanley was fired from the club, where he had been working as the interim director for about three months.

A conviction of a charge of embezzlement carries a penalty of two to 10 years in prison.

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