Civil War gives Syd chance to Re-enact up

September 20, 2002|by BIG SYD

Well, the re-enactors are gone and I've been able to poke my head from out of the bunker once again without fear of getting severe powder burns.

Just wondering, but wasn't the whole thing supposed to be taking place closer to Hagerstown than to my humble abode on the outskirts of Dargan?

As I peered through the periscope on the top of the Sydney complex, I saw three union soldiers marching through the fields last week taking potshots at every squirrel that passed by them.

And as sure as Johnny Unitas was the greatest quarterback of all time, a couple slugs actually broke through the perimeter windows of the bunker.


I'm not one for violence, nor am I much of one for action, actually, as my figure clearly shows. But, of course, you know, this means war (or, at the least, a fine, fine re-enactment of a major battle therein).

I punched in the security codes, unlocked the deadbolts, removed the chains and pulled the broomstick from behind the sliding glass door, put on my UNLV Runnin' Rebels hat and walked outside to check out the situation.

As the steel gates creaked open, the Yankee soldiers turned and aimed their rifles my way.

"Whoa, pard," I said. "Drop the weapons. Just a fat man here."

Two of the soldiers eased up, but the third was still intently pointing his gun right at me.

"Where you boys headed?" I asked, fully expecting them to say the merchandising tent.

"Who wants to know?" soldier number 3 asked.

"Oh, just Big Sydney, the finest football prognosticator this side of Gapland."

"We're headed to Gettysburg."

"Well, there. See, I can help," I said. "Have you got an address?"

On with the predictions. Last week 15-12 (.556), season 43-22 (.662).


South Hagerstown 27, Boonsboro 20: These Rebels soldier out a second straight win.

Brunswick 38, Williamsport 12: Brunswick has the Wildcats trained.

Middletown 31, Catoctin 20: They are the Knights who say 'no' to Catoctin.

Francis Scott Key 47, North Hagerstown 19: Eagles have the Key to victory.

Walkersville 46, Smithsburg 13: Lions win in a Walk.

Hancock 30, Bishop Walsh 20: Panthers early-season spurt doesn't sputter against Spartans.

Frederick 23, Bel Air 17: Cadets take advantage of Bel Air up there.

Gaithersburg 20, Thomas Johnson 14: TJ gets hooked by Trojans.

St. John's at Prospect Hall 33, St. Alban's (JV) 7: JV stands for 'Just Vanquished.'

Berkeley Springs 27, Northern Garrett 13: Note to coach: Check eligibilities before you go any further.

Martinsburg 47, Hedgesville 13: The Eagles have landed ... and are now running from the Bulldogs.

Jefferson 21, Stone Bridge 19: Afterward, Sharon Stone, whom the Stone Bridge is named for, will unveil ... I'll stop there. I like the sound of that.

Princeton 35, Musselman 12: The Applemen get treated like paupers once again.

Altoona 44, Chambersburg 14: The Trojans would have better luck with the salmon mousse.

Northern 27, Greencastle 6: But it's not easy ... beating Green-castle.

Shippensburg 41, Waynesboro 18: The Indians' ship has already sailed.


Scotland 34, James Buchanan 12: Why are old presidents so proper? Couldn't we call him Jim?

St. James 28, Maret 14: Why are saints so proper? Couldn't we call him Jim?

Hun School 37, Mercersburg Academy 13: Come on, we're goin' down the ocean, Hun!


Shepherd 26, East Stroudsburg 19: Shepherd gets the flock together to beat the Warriors.

Maryland 47, Eastern Michigan 20: But the Terps will have to be careful, because emus can be mean.

Penn State 52, Louisiana Tech 17: When Louisiana Tech goes back some day, it will be a blue bayou.


Eagles 31, Cowboys 17: Since Eagles are endangered, Cowboys don't have a shot.

49ers 38, Redskins 21: The Fun 'n' Gun gets gunked up.

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