Letters to the editor 9/19

September 19, 2002

Hagerstown needs a new voice

To the editor:

Let me start by first offering congratulations to all who ran in the primary election on Sept. 10, and good luck to those who won their respective parties' primaries. It is exciting to see that people want to be involved in our local government.

I attended the Sept. 11 events that were held throughout the city and was overwhelmed by the attendance and the show of patriotism at all events. On Wesel Boulevard we held hands and flags while those who drove past honked their horns in support. At Fairgrounds Park we dedicated the American flag and flag pole and we remembered those who lost their lives, or had their lives taken from them on that tragic day a year ago.

The ceremony at Municipal Stadium was very well-attended and it proved to me that America truly has changed for the better. I was truly proud to be with all those who attended and left with a feeling of unity in our community.


Now that the primary election is over, and the citizens have chosen those who will seek office on Nov. 5, I encourage all registered voters to take five minutes out of their busy day and go to the polls. It is important that we as Americans exercise the right to choose and do exactly that. When you choose I encourage you to choose me for the state delegation in district 2C.

Four years ago nearly half of the citizens in Hagerstown had no choice; this year you do. Hagerstown and Washington County deserve a representative who will keep a watchful eye on legislation that effects our community. While Mayor of Hagerstown I was privileged to serve on the Maryland Municipal Leagues Legislative Committee from 1997 to 2001. Our responsibilities were to review legislation that would affect towns and cities across Maryland. Our mission was to support legislation that would benefit towns and cities or oppose and lobby against legislation that would adversely affect them.

As a whole, I believe that we were vigilant and lobbied for what we believed. If legislation would have a negative impact, we would oppose it loudly at committee meetings; if it was positive, we would lobby in support of it.

While mayor, I established relationships with state officials and worked for the betterment of Hagerstown through those relationships.

The citizens of Hagerstown and Washington County deserve to have a delegate in Annapolis who knows what the city's priorities are and will work toward completing those priorities. The citizens deserve a delegate who can work in a non-partisan fashion and still champion the values that we hold so closely: lower taxes, less government and less government involvement in our personal lives.

It was an honor to serve the citizens of Hagerstown for four years as mayor, and it would be an honor and a privilege to serve Hagerstown's citizens in Annapolis to continue the fight for the betterment of Hagerstown and Washington County.

I believe that government should live within its means.

I believe that government should be smaller, not ever expanding.

I believe our senior citizens and our children are precious resources and we should protect and nurture them.

I believe that our right to bear arms should never be trampled on.

I believe that not enough is being done to send paroled felons back to the states from which they came.

I believe that K-12 education is where it all begins, and the state should still be paying its fair share.

I believe the citizens of Hagerstown need a delegate in Annapolis who will focus on their needs.

I don't believe the City of Hagerstown should have to hire a lobbyist to represent its interest in Annapolis - that's what our delegate is for, and that's what I will do.

I promise that together we can make a difference in state government. I will work diligently to represent your interest in Annapolis. Together we can help make Hagerstown and Washington County the best place to live, work and raise a family.

God bless you and God bless America.

Bob Bruchey


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