Mail Call for 9/17

September 18, 2002

"About those birds dying. I found three out here along the road. I got the shovel, and dug a hole and buried them real deep."

"I was reading in the paper about the schools not letting the children go to the restrooms. You know, that is child abuse. If you had them at home and didn't let them go when they had to, wouldn't that be child abuse? You can't tell me it's not child abuse when the schools won't allow them to go and the school officials are. If I were a parent and my child was in that school, I would tell them, if they asked to go and they said no, you go anyway. Because they are going to have to deal with me. I would also tell the other parents and we would go to the school and block the bathrooms so the officials couldn't go."


"We want to thank the Martin's stores for putting the flags in the paper for 9-11. Thanks."

"Is there someone who can tell me if the clay that is in our yard is OK for our grandchildren to be able to make things out of it?"

"My husband and I were too disabled to attend the Antietam Re-enactment and are upset because we are going to miss it. Is there anyone that took video, or still pictures of the encampment or the people in their costumes. My number is 301-733-3902."

"Today, the parents do not pay too much attention to their children and when someone tells them that their children are doing something wrong, they don't want to hear it. I think they should listen to other people when they say they are doing something wrong. This is why we have so many problems with teenagers these days."

"I was told that the police in Hagerstown have a quota that they have to meet. Well, if they would sit on Howell Road for a week, they would have their quota for the entire month. Thanks."

"It is possible that Bush has definite proof that Saddam is going to attack the U.S. What bothers me is in the U.S. you can't kill someone just because they may hurt you."

"It surprises me that nobody has mentioned how good and interesting the Shortcuts section is."


"Last Saturday, my 2-year-old grandson was playing in the family room. He picked up a toy gun and pointed it at his mother and said 'bang.' Cold chills came over all of us because at this point, we didn't even know that a 2-year-old knew what a gun was for. I urge everyone to guard your firearms, because that could have been a real gun that the 2-year-old picked up."

"I am trying to find out if the Redskins football team here in Hagerstown is still having its basket bingo. If you are, leave the phone number in Mail Call so I can get some tickets. I need about four of them. My girlfriend and I love to go. I would appreciate it."

"There are other places that seniors live, like the Alexander House. I have been there twice in the past two weeks and someone has let me in without knowing who I am. I was visiting there. I was going to punch in the numbers myself, but they just let me in. I have an elderly friend living there and I was just so scared because they just opened the door."

"I found a cell phone in the parking lot of Wal-Mart on Thursday night and turned it into the customer service desk. So if anyone lost one, go to the customer service desk to pick it up."

"We don't need outside terrorists; whoever is destroying the things in Maugansville is doing a good enough job."

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