Letters to the editor 9/18

September 18, 2002

Wivell suit an act of grandstanding

To the editor:

I find it incredible that Washington County Commissioner Bill Wivell, who is so reluctant to spend the taxpayers' money for education or other worthwhile purposes, is now ready to waste our money to defend his lawsuit against himself and the other commissioners.

The present Board of County Commissioners, including Wivell, had the ultimate responsibility for approval of the Howard settlement. They approved the confidentiality agreement as part of that settlement, and should be ready to take their lumps, if any, from the taxpayers.

Hopefully, the voters will see Wivell's lawsuit for what it is, blatant political grandstanding at our expense. I'm one taxpayer who would rather see our tax dollars spent on something useful.

Dick Cushwa


End Taylor's run as Speaker

To the editor:

The old hat trick of Cas Taylor is present again in an election year. Where has he been all these years in government? Save the trauma center with state money? He should have saved some of the Smart Growth money he wasted. He should be investigating the price that doctors already charge, instead of reimbursing them for treating people with no insurance. They charge enough to treat those people for free. They do not mind taking your month's wages in a small amount of time.


I know. I have been there.

After all these years he is trying to reorganize Maryland's health or medical system. Let us be honest with ourselves: Taylor has had his chance as speaker of the House. Give a new voice a chance. For Western Maryland, vote for Leroy Myers. If Taylor loved Western Maryland he would not want to put a race track in one of the most scenic areas of Maryland. Must be smart growth, right Cas?

George E. Lashley


Elvis show was a blast

To the editor:

My husband and I left the Elvis Lives in Hagerstown performance on Saturday afternoon sincerely impressed and thoroughly entertained by the four performers on stage. Four talented, professional, classy, energetic,and gracious gentlemen provided an outstanding show.

If you missed it, you missed a showcase of Elvis talent. Travis and Chris weaved themselves in and out of the audience while singing, extending handshakes, accepting flowers and teddy bears and giving hugs and kisses to all the ladies. When Doug Church did his rendition of "How Great Thou Art," it brought tears to many eyes in the crowd. Church also provided a bit of humor when he did his Elvis splits and lunges on stage. Jamie's energetic performance of Elvis was "over the top" as the final performer on stage. (Two fans in the audience traveled nine hours to see him perform.)

The performers provided their own personal repertoire of Elvis throughout the different stages of Elvis' career. They all had the infamous Elvis moves, clothes, hairstyles, facial expressions (that curled lip) and voice perfected. Being close to the Sept. 11, one-year anniversary, all of them dedicated a patriotic song to the American spirit.

Travis Morris, Chris MacDonald, Doug Church and Jamie Aaron Kelley - Thank you. Please come back again next year! We enjoyed all of you. You all did a great job in helping to promote a downtown arts and entertainment district in Hagerstown.

Thanks to Tom Riford, Jay Frantz and all the organizers, and the volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce whom we saw working tirelessly and diligently - Fred Teeter, Kathy Valentine, Mary Ann Burke, Gidget Maffitt, Jim Hartsock, Norine Dagliano and her husband, Vikki Nelson, Pat Tagliaferre, Ginny Martin and her sister. Outstanding job, ya'all!

Can't wait until next year to enjoy Elvis Lives in Hagerstown.

Anita Binder


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