Cowboys good, bad whatever

September 17, 2002|by AL DITZEL

Last week, I decided I was going to use this space to rant about how bad my Dallas Cowboys are. I was going to tell all what I felt the Cowboys needed to do to not only save this season, but tomove into the future, as well.

I was going to say how Emmitt Smith, my second favorite Cowboy of all time (Behind Roger Staubach), needed to sit down. How he needed to gain the NFL career rushing lead in the scheme of the game rather than as the focus. I was going to talk about how the younger, quicker backs needed to carry the load.

Then, I was going to rant about Jerry Jones. First, it would be about his job as the team's general manager. I was going to tell all that he is no "football" man and should not be making the football decisions. I was going to rant about how he doesn't know talent and has put the Cowboys in a hole for a long time because of his poor drafts. Sure, this year the Cowboys had the best draft in the NFL. But, in Jones' previous drafts, the ones without Jimmy Johnson, not only had he drafted poorly but was also unlucky.


Then, I was going to rant about Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, about his promise to put grass in that stadium with the hole in the roof and how he should simply sign checks and forget all else concerned with the Cowboys and the NFL.

And, like most everyone else, I was going to rail on Quincy Carter. How this second-round draft pick was truly a sixth-rounder and didn't have the skills nor the field experience to guide the Cowboys. I was going to rave about him not running enough. Not just because his arm is weak and inaccurate, but also because his legs are his most valuable weapon.

Then, I was going to beg that Chad Hutchinson, a middle relief pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, start. He has the arm. Heck, he's got to be better than Carter, I thought. Sure, I was going to mention how he reminds me of Gary Hogeboom (that's painful), all arm and no head, but he's certainly a better prospect than Carter.

I was going to scream about why Ken-Yan Rambo is still a Cowboy! He was the offensive (that's O-ffensive) version of Bryant Westbrook, who the Cowboys smartly disposed of last week. Rambo fumbled three times in the opener (I hate mentioning that it was against the expansion Houston Texans, the first time in 41 years an expansion team has won its opener). Rambo showed in that opener that he was not of NFL quality.

Then, I was going to rail of Darren Woodson, one of my favorite defensive players in Cowboys history. My line, 'He hasn't made a play since 1998!' I was going to say how he needs to sit and make way for the younger players who hit like Woodson used to hit.

Finally, I was going to bash the Cowboys' coaching staff, beginning with Dave Campo. He is not good enough to be a head coach in a Pop Warner league, let alone the NFL. His best quality is that he rushes the players on and off the field, like he did when he was a flunky on the Jimmy Johnson staffs.

Mike Zimmer, he was an assistant to Campo. Need I say more? And Bruce Coslet, the two-time failed head coach in the NFL, was known more for losing than anything else.

Yes, I was going to berate my Cowboys in this space, but they won Sunday. I guess it's true: You're never as good as you think when you win and you're never as bad as you think when you lose.

Al Ditzel is a staff writer for The Morning Herald. His column appears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131 ext. 7520 or by e-mail at

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