Letters to the editor 9/17

September 17, 2002

Health care forum is tomorrow

To the editor:

The League of Women Voters' Washington County Health Care for All forum is Sept. 18, at 7 p.m., in the auditorium of the Advanced Technology Center of Hagerstown Community College.

LWV has chosen to focus on Health Care for All (HCFA). Glenn Schneider, deputy director of HCFA/the Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative, will be joined by local volunteer supporters to give an overview of HCFA's accomplishments to date; plans for the upcoming elections and General Assembly session, and why it is important that we all pay attention and communicate with our legislators about health care insurance issues that are vital to the community. Two hundred twenty one candidates for the Maryland General Assembly have signed this resolution.

The Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative Care for All campaign, a grassroots movement in Maryland for more affordable and accessible health care, began in 1999 and League of Women Voter chapters all across Maryland were some of the first supporters to sign the initiative's "Declaration of Health Care Independence." HCFA has amassed the largest grassroots coalition in Maryland's history with more than 2,100 civic groups, businesses, houses of worship, unions and other organizations signing the declaration.


This past spring, HCA released a resolution which many LWV chapters, including Washington County, have supported. The resolution calls for three important steps toward improving health care in Maryland.

1. Keep CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield a nonprofit organization and require it to play a major role in providing quality, affordable health care for Marylanders.

2. Authorize the state to negotiate with drug manufacturers to lower the cost of prescription drugs for those on Medicare and the uninsured.

3. Increase the state tobacco tax by 36 cents per cigarette pack to raise funds for health care (funds to be matched 100 percent by the federal government if used for health care expansion).

Barbara Flath


Political correctness has gone too far

To the editor:

In the age we live today it seems like every thing has to be politically correct. Bologna! Politically correctness has not moved our nation forward, but has caused a downward spiral which seems to have no end in sight.

When political candidates do not agree with an alternate lifestyle they are called close-minded bigots. In the eyes of the spin teams today, they would consider the men who wrote the Constitution of the U.S.A. closed-minded leaders. However, I dare to differ. Our country was not founded on political correctness, it was founded on integrity which is taught in the Bible. A Bible was used daily in the activities of our governing bodies, but if it is used today, there is an outcry about the "separation of church and state."

The founders of our county were very religious men, but many of the leaders of our country today are attempting to erode the fundamental principles that the Founding Fathers drafted for our great nation of America. For example, prayer in public schools is no longer permitted. Prayer is a vital part of our lives today, but the federal government has taken this privilege away from the public schools because we have to be politically correct and not offend the person who wants to worship their unknown god.

Each political party has a platform or agenda that they desire to achieve for their constituents. Do yourself a favor and review the political platforms that we have to choose from this year. The two major political parties in America differ greatly in their views of family values, education reform, abortion, gun control, capital punishment, taxes, religious freedoms and many other issues. If you are a strong fundamental Bible believer then there is only one party that will allow your voice to be heard. The opposing party caters to the needs of the socially deviant, Planned Parenthood, entitlements for those who do not work and does not support property owner's rights.

Examine the party platforms this year and vote for the candidate who is in favor of preserving the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As you review the wishes of our Founding Fathers you will see that they desired for America to be a strong and mighty nation with principles based on the Bible. After all, we are "One Nation under God," not one nation under gods. Do you believe that our founders envisioned our nation having judges that would vote to take the words "under God" out of our pledge?

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W.Va.

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