Letters to the editor - 9/14/02

September 16, 2002

Mall a help

To the editor:

I just want to clarify a comment that appeared in an article in the Sunday, Aug. 22, edition of The Daily Mail. Although I agree with the writer that the majority of the stores in the Valley Mall do not contribute to our annual fund drive, I want to make it perfectly clear that the owner of the Valley Mall, Crown American, contributes generously each year and has done so since their corporation purchased the Valley Mall.

I believe that the writer was trying to emphasize that the majority of businesses in Washington County do not support their local fire and rescue companies through monetary donations. From my perception, that is a true statement. However, I also want to assure those businesses that do support their local fire and rescue companies, we know who you are and we certainly appreciate your efforts.

Alan L. Matheny

Public Information Officer


Vol. Fire Co. of Halfway, Md, Inc.

How to help the bluebirds

To the editor:

On Friday, August 31, 2002, The Morning Herald featured an article on the comeback of the Eastern Bluebird in Pennsylvania. However, the article neglected to name a contact person or persons if the reader was interested in making a greater comeback of the Eastern Bluebird in the Tri-State area.

The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania's web page is Locally, Joyce Stuff can be reached at 1-717-328-3411, or 7311 Renninger Road, Mercersburg, PA 17236; e-mail:

A bluebird workshop will be held Saturday, Sept. 14, 2002, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Charles Brightbill Environmental Center, 4881 Fort Loudon Road, Mercersburg, Pa. Registration is from 9 to 9:30 a.m.

Joyce Stuff

Franklin County Coordinator, Bluebird Society of Pa.

Don't believe Internet rumor: Festival goes on

To the editor:

There has been a nasty rumor spread across the Internet to the re-enacting and Sharpsburg Heritage Festival communities that the Sharpsburg Heritage Festival has been canceled due to the Re-enactment of the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam to Northerners).

This is simply untrue. The festival is proudly moving into its 11th consecutive year. It is larger and offers more than ever. New additions include the U.S. Navy Sea Chanters, to complement the U.S. Marine Band (though they'll never admit it!), the Potomack Dancers doing traditional American Indian ceremonial dances and the Maryland National Guard.

Our lecture series covers early America to the present. Fine musical presentations include groups from Ireland, Canada and the U.S. Couple this with nearly 100 art, craft and food vendors from around America and fine living historians from different eras of American History. We have a wonderful event coming Sept. 14-15th.

In spite of this apparent attempt to spoil this annual event, the festival is better than ever. We didn't shut down five years ago because of the re-enactment, we didn't shut down last year when we were viciously attacked by hateful little cowards from Saudi Arabia and other nations. We're not shutting down for another re-enactment.

The Sharpsburg Heritage Festival is an ongoing yearly annual event, a Washington County tradition, not a once-in-a-while dog and pony show.

Our ceremonies honoring our veterans and military have received national recognition from both U.S. Congressional representatives and veterans' organizations around America.

This year's ceremony will be a very special event. Veterans and their families, Americans looking to capture that special "Spirit of America" that makes us stand strong unwavering in the face of danger will want to be here and share this special time with us, to honor those who have paid in blood for our freedom, and those who currently stand in harm's way to maintain and protect that freedom.

Come stand with us on this most hallowed ground on Sept. 14-15 and let those who would harm us, both foreign and domestic, know that we are proud to be Americans, are proud of who we are.

Charles H. Marvil


Sharpsburg Heritage Society

Choice is obvious for Americans: It's freedom over security

To the editor:

Sept. 11 has changed not just me, but our society. The question is: Freedom v. Security: Which Do We Choose?

The United States is a great nation, founded upon democratic principles that are empowered by the Constitution of the United States. With all of America's faults, it is these democratic principles that make America the greatest and most powerful nation in the annals of history.

America's democratic principles do not necessarily convey its republican form of government, but reflect certain egalitarian freedoms, certain inalienable rights that every American enjoys under the protection of the Constitution.

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