Re-enactment no more than a do over-Big Sydney

September 13, 2002|BY BIG SYD

You know, the idea of a re-enactment is just beyond me.

Let's think about it for a minute. A bunch of people who weren't around when this event happened dress up in costumes of that era and do it all over again.

And here's the kicker ... it ends the same way.

Oh, I get it. It's a ... no, really I don't get it.

Wouldn't it be more fun to change things around a little bit? Make the conclusion slightly different? Maybe let the South win every now and again?

Come on, who says we can't change history?

Have it your way then. But just know that sports folks wouldn't mind re-enacting some events and giving them different endings.


Such as:

  • The 1986 World Series. Instead of letting that ball go between his legs in Game 6, Bill Buckner falls over while charging Mookie Wilson's ground ball. The ball hits him in the chest and bounces to Bob Stanley, who scoops the ball up and tags Wilson in one motion, giving the Red Sox a World Series win.

  • The 2002 Baseball All-Star Game. Rather than ending in a tie, the game continues until Mark Grace, flown in from Arizona as an emergency addition to the NL team, drives in the winning run in the 17th inning. Grace also gets the win, a first for a position player in All-Star history. Jose Canseco takes the loss.

  • The 1993 Super Bowl. Leon Lett gets into the end zone before celebrating his fumble return for a touchdown, leaving Don Beebe breathless after his futile chase of the nimble lineman. Nah, let's leave that one alone. I still get a good laugh from it.

  • The 1998 NBA Finals. An offensive foul is called on Michael Jordan for pushing off on Bryon Russell. The Jazz win Game 6, take Game 7 and end the Bulls' and Jordan's run on top. Subsequently, Jordan retires, never trying to convince fans in Washington that he still has it.

  • The 1973 Super Bowl. Garo Yepremian throws a perfect spiral and completes his pass on a botched field goal (this time to a Dolphin, not a Redskin).

  • Baseball 2002. Shawn Estes actually hits Roger Clemens with a pitch, putting a bruise on Clemens' butt the size of his ego.

The best thing is that someday someone will re-enact my columns, but somehow they'll get all the games right.

On with the predictions. Last week 16-7 (.696), season 28-10 (.737).



Brunswick 38, Boonsboro 13: Railroaders keep the Warriors untracked.

Catoctin 40, Williamsport 18: Another cat fight, another Williamsport 'L.'

Middletown 32, Francis Scott Key 23: 'Middle' is the beginning of the end for FSK.

North Hagerstown 24, Walkersville 20: Doak, Herschel, Todd, Wally and Nancy can't measure up to Hubs.

Smithsburg 30, South Hagerstown 19: Leopards revel as they repel the Rebels.

Hancock 27, Clay-Battelle 14: Panthers put a breaker, breaker on C-B.

Aberdeen 31, Frederick 20: No, this isn't an IronBirds vs. Keys score.

Westlake 46, Thomas Johnson 17: TJ gets in over its head against Westlake.

St. John's at Prospect Hall 36, Bishop O'Connell (JV) 21: Vikings won't get rooked by this Bishop either.

Berkeley Springs 34, Westmar 13: Westmar can't handle this Tribe-unal.

Hedgesville 23, Stone Bridge 14: Eagles get to the Bridge and cross it.

Jefferson 28, Potomac Falls 13: Cougars rise, Potomac Falls.

Martinsburg 54, James Wood 16: Bulldogs should easily ply Wood.

Parkersburg South 48, Musselman 10: Parkersburg is located in the same direction that the Applemen's season is going.

Central Dauphin 41, C'burg 24: Central Dauphin comes in with a porpoise.

New Oxford 34, Greencastle 24: No oxymoron here.

JB 33, Shippensburg 28: JB goes Greyhounds, but leaves all driving to itself.

Gettysburg 43, Waynesboro 0: Four score and seven tears to go. The Indians will bring forth a new ration of losing.


St. James 22, Sidwell Friends 19: Saints get the advantage because Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe are worried about their final season.

Landon 38, Mercersburg Academy 20: Landon rides the highway to heaven and has a bonanza at Blue Storm's expense.


Florida State 41, Maryland 21: Fear the Turtle has an all together different in-Terp-etation to the Seminoles.

Cincinnati 37, West Virginia 28: The Mountaineers' musket needs a little buckshot.

Nebraska 27, Penn State 19: No, John Deere isn't the Cornhuskers' starting quarterback.

Shepherd 26, Virginia Union 16: Rams work against Union's label.



Tampa Bay 30, Baltimore 17: Ravens' fortunes won't change against Bucs.

Pittsburgh 27, Oakland 24: Steelers need more than just a token performance from the Bus.


Philadelphia 34, Washington 31: Fun 'n' Gun becomes tedious and shoots blanks.

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