Mail Call for 9/9

September 10, 2002

"I would like to respond to the allegations about the mosquito transferring AIDS the same as it does West Nile and malaria. I also believe this and nobody will convince me otherwise."

"I can't understand why our president or our present administration is so naive that they can't realize that a strike against Saddam is going to start the third world war. What do they hope for? Can't they see that the public does not want this? No wonder his rating has dropped from 80 percent to 60 percent. It should drop to 0 percent. Can't they impeach him for such things as war when nobody wants it? Listen, get out and vote, things like this have to come to a screeching halt."

"I would like to thank the woman who yesterday returned my wallet from Wal-Mart. My checkbook was in it. I was so stunned that I had even left it, I forgot to thank you properly. It was Sept. 4, when you returned it. Call me at 301-714-0248 so I can thank you appropriately."


"To B.J. Lawrence of West Virginia, thanks for the letter about Bill. We need your letter for Hillary Clinton. Thank you."

"I understand area government is trapping mosquito and testing them to see if they have West Nile. I wonder what PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have to say about that. After all, don't mosquitos have rights, too? Maybe they need to develop a sub group called PETI, People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects. Think about it."

"I just had a tenant of mine move out about three weeks ago. It took me three days to clean it up. I had to put down a new rug in the bedroom and dining area. Where am I supposed to send this bill to?"

"Could someone help me stop these nuisance telemarketing calls? When you are the busiest, that is when they call and they don't even answer."

"Way to go Tim Rowland on your article on the administrators within the county government. It's about time someone put the blame where it really belongs. The three amigos that are in charge are really sending this county down the tubes. The three amigos are the county administrator, human resources director and the director of public works. Keep it up, Tim."

"I wish that people who find animals would call the radio stations instead of the SPCA. That place is all about making money."

"There is a nice little kitty that lives behind 240 S. Potomac St. It is white with a little bit of calico on its back, tail and head. It has a frayed elastic collar around its neck with one little gold bell. She is declawed. She is a really nice little kitty and someone out there must have lost her. I am hoping that someone out there picks her up."

"For the woman calling about the candles with the toppers. Emma K. Doub Elementary is selling the candles that have the toppers, a duck, bear and fish. The children are selling them now. I am not sure if they are the same thing, but if you want you can call us at 301-393-4555."

"To the woman who threw the hamburger out because it wasn't any good. If you don't like the looks of your purchase, take it back. Most of the grocery stores will double your money if you bring something back that is not to your liking or if something is wrong with it. Lady, take it back!"

"To the person who called in and needed pinched about our president of the United States. Tell him to go to Pennsylvania, the Pentagon or New York, I am sure that there would be plenty of people that would like to pinch him."

"Long Meadow Shopping Center needs a department store, a grocery store and a beauty shop. Does anyone know if this will ever happen?"

"I wanted to make a comment about the race for county commissioner. You know for the past several elections, we have elected an entire male board. It seems that the males haven't done a whole lot except put us more in debt and try to hide. So maybe it's time that we have an entire female board. I suggest that we try to put some females in there and let the males sit back and see if the females could do a better job."

"Beverly Health Care of Hagerstown will be remembering the events of 9-11 by sharing a staff and resident picnic at our facility followed by a moment of silence, a brief ceremony and a balloon launch. If anyone is interested in attending, call 301-797-4020."

"A child was left on a school bus, unattended for awhile. What do you think the parents of this child should do about this situation?"

"If you don't like the To Do List, then just don't read it. But don't be ignorant and call into Mail Call."

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