Letters to the editor for 9/9

September 09, 2002

Cruising law works wonders

To the editor:

I am a resident of downtown and I am certain that I speak for other residents of the downtown area.

Since the passage of the cruising ordinance, it has been quieter and more peaceful. There are no loud car stereos and heavy traffic to contend with.

The ordinance has worked and made the downtown area a more pleasant place to reside.

Thanks to the City Council and the Hagerstown City Police Department for a job well done.

The ordinance has made a big difference. Keep up the good work.

Kelly Sullivan


Commissioners, get real

To the editor:

As we all know by now, we are not going to find out how much of your tax money former Economic Development Director John Howard got. We are not as stupid as they think we are. Everything our leaders do is a privacy issue. When it leaves your hand, it's theirs. Will they tell us how much of our tax money was spent on the office building at the landfill?


How about the gazebo? What's wrong with a picnic table with an umbrella? Look what they had before. It kept them dry and warm.

Why is our tax money being spent like this? Why $720,000 for a fuel station at the airport? How much of our tax money went to plant trees? How much to cut them and to remove them?

Will we ever know? No, it's a "privacy issue." We have to trust our leaders with our tax money that they will only do right with it.

Our leaders need to get in the real world. Kids are going back to school, families are asking: What should I do? Pay rent or buy school supplies? Yes leaders, that is happening here in Washington County and a lot more.

Are you going through that? Not likely, and if you would, you'd just vote yourself another raise. We get our gas and groceries the same place you do, and giving yourself a 7.3 percent pay increase as bad as times are, well, you sure don't think of the people of Washington County. Howard must have really had it hard trying to make a living on $82,000 a year.

Wonder how he does it? Do you think he could live on $10,700 a year and no Medicaid or Medicare? And you know what? My gas and food cost just as much as his. You know Commmunity Action Council could use a new office building but there is no tax money left.

John Baker

Clear Spring

President has the power for war

To the editor:

I'd like to respond to some of the politicians who have been putting down our president in a time of war. These people are looking at their carreers rather than what's good for our country.

They believe that a country without them being in office is worse than losing our war against terror. I've seen people like Tom Daschle or Dick Gephardt speaking to the press, telling them that President Bush doesn't have the authority to declare war. That it's the job of Congress to do that. That's very true.

However, I believe that they have already done that. On Sept. 14, 2001, Congress passed a bill authorizing the president to use our military to defend the United States against any, and all persons who were responsible for Sept. 11. But to hear Daschle and Gephardt, they are the ones who say what happens from here on out.

I wonder if ether of these men have ever heard of the title of Commander in Chief ? The President of the United States doesn't need all this bickering among members of Congress trying to wrestle away power from the president.

The Constitution is clear about who is in charge of our military and their use in combat. That's why the president is called "The Commander in Chief."

James Bailey


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