Letters to the editor for 9/7

September 09, 2002

Zarwell for comptroller

To the editor:

I realize that not having been elected in my previous campaigns reduces my political credibility.

However, my experience in Maryland politics extends from two runs for the U.S. Senate, frist against first Tom Blair, a businessman, then Alan Keyes in a special election in 1988, and again against Keyes in 1992 at the urging of Sen. Bob Dole.

In 1996, my campaign manager and I decided to see what name recognition we had for a possible 1998 run and found that against John Moran we could get at least 20-plus percent without much effort.

In 1998, Louis Goldstein and I talked about running for comptroller and I filed without knowing that within seven hours that good friend William D. Schaefer would enter the race. After his remark that he would run because no one else would, I decided to change my plan to run for governor and seek the nomination for comptroller instead. Saves a friendship from the pressures of lieutentant governor race against a Kennedy.


It should also be noted, that I have been in the background on several Maryland campaigns, Venetulis for Baltimore County Executive, Gilchrist for Congress, Duckworth for Clerk, as well as twice for Bush and Quayle.

Over my triple career as a military, corporate, and commercial pilot, I was able to include politics from my first residence in Cockyesville, then Odenton, Severna Park, Crofton, Riva, Arnold, Glen Burnie, Columbia, and now Bowie. My mailing address since 1989 has remained Gambrills.

In addition, I have worked and /or lived in Amsterdam, Brisbane, Christchurch, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perth, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Sochi, London, Paris, Frankfort, Madrid, Luxemborg, Lichtenstein, Zurich and Vienna, among several others, due to military assignments regarding co-operative defense, co-production programs, and international space exploration.

My client list is available on my website by clicking on the "profile" book. Other information you may wish to review is available on the personal, bio and military pages in addition to news releases and a political summary

I returned from initial meetings with the Russian Federation's Institute for Nature Protection just this last weekend. I directed a 1990 Computer applications show there that increased information exchange to where 11 months and five days after, there was no more Soviet Union and I have been assisting ever since through Gorbachev, Yeltsin and soon, Putin.

With the advent of computers in the 1990's, my businesses have become Internet-related, offering downloadable products on a global scale. These include e-books and a beta test program for a downloadable deposition recording device. We also provide professional recertification and continuing education in consumer credit over the Internet among other devices for specific use in desktops, laptops and handhelds. It has been our experience to learn about other industries and government resolutions to fiscal policy/problems through Web site developments as well.

Gene Zarwell

North Gambrills, Md.

Back off Wally

To the editor:

I've seen Wally McClure taking a lot of hits recently because of his opposition to the proposal of a new Suns' Stadium. I would like to lend my support to him.

When I was in elementary school, McClure was one of my teachers. He did his job very well. Everyone loved going to his class because he made learning fun. He was only with us a couple of years, but I still remember his gentle way of teaching material that wasww all new in schools back then. He made a dreaded subject fun to learn and I never got a chance to say "thank you."

Now, if you had spent your years right out of college being a teacher, where would you be more likely to want to spend taxpayers' money on, education or on a new baseball stadium? If you had been head coach of a baseball team, of course you would opt for the stadium. But, having been a teacher, wouldn't you also choose education? We all go to school. We aren't all - dare I say it - die-hard baseball fans.

McClure is just doing the same thing you would do if you were in his position. He's doing the best he can, fighting for what he believes is right. So give the guy a break. When you are in his position, you can build whatever you like, wherever you want to.

Until then, just go along with the program and be happy.

Julie (Morris) Gantz


Postcards wanted

To the editor:

I have been collecting printed picture postcards for the past three years, particularly those depicting maps, lighthouses, bridges and flags and also general view cards.

I do not have any from your area and I am hoping that some kind reader will send me one in an envelope, for which I shall be most grateful.

Brian James

Bournemouth, Dorset,

BH7 6YB, England.

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