Habitat is looking for home applicants

September 06, 2002

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The Franklin County Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications for its home-building program.

Organized in 1993, the county-wide organization's goal is to eliminate substandard housing by putting families on limited incomes into decent homes at prices they can manage.

The Habitat affiliate is attempting to build at least two homes each year, and to date has completed 14 homes throughout the county.

Mary E. Mackey, who has served on Habitat's Housing Selection Committee for seven years, said Habitat is constantly searching for qualified applicants.


"The application process is designed to help us identify deserving families who need a helping hand in obtaining decent housing they can afford," she said.

Interested families can call Habitat's office at 717-267-1899 to start the process.

Once it receives the inquiry, the office will send a simple checklist that will help prospective applicants see if they qualify for consideration and outline the application procedures.

If a family feels it is qualified for a Habitat partnership it must respond to the office within 30 days. The Family Selection Committee then schedules an interview with the family and assists in filling out the formal application.

Prospective applicants must establish that there is a real housing need, that they have been residents of or employed in Franklin County for at least one year, they are currently employed and have a steady income that meets minimum standards and they are willing to contribute their own labor in building their own home or on other approved projects.

If both the committee and the board approve the application, a successful applicant is placed on Habitat's project list.

Habitat does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or age.

Most of the labor is by volunteers and many materials are donated or provided at discounted prices. The family also receives an interest-free mortgage.

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