Mail Call for 9/5

September 06, 2002

"Could someone in the medical field tell me something? A mosquito has a nose that it uses to drill into your body for blood. A mosquito's nose is the same as a hypodermic needle. They puncture your skin, goes in through your body and sucks out blood. If it has already touched or been upon a bird, it transfers the West Nile to the human. If a mosquito can transfer West Nile through its beak like nose and transfer malaria to you the same way, then why can't a mosquito transfer AIDS? I believe AIDS can be transferred from one human to another by the bite of a mosquito. You will not convince me otherwise. I think the medical profession doesn't want to admit to this because it will cause a panic. Does anyone else have these concerns as I do? I would like some kind of comment on this. By the way, Mail Call, keep it up, you do a superb job."


"I just got my registration today and it has gone up to $103. I was wondering why since the DMV doesn't know."

"Mr. President, please don't bite off more than you can chew."

"I see where Paul Swartz has gotten his name on the front page of the paper, never again. Well I hope that really is never again. Never again will he be elected for county commissioner. I will not vote for him again."

"I have been reading a lot lately about disciplining children. You have to start when they are very young toddlers. When you smack their fingers and say 'no, no, no' then when they get older, they will know what the word 'NO' means. As far as slapping a child in their face in public, you just don't do that. If you can't teach them when they are young, when they get that age, it's too late."

"I have a complaint in regards to the hospital. We don't need a new hospital. They have a section of the hospital that is not even in use. We need to open the doors and use that part of the hospital."

"Ringgold Church of Christ is holding a remembrance service on Wednesday, Sept. 11, at 7 to 8:15 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. Call 301-824-2772 if you need directions."

"I want to say something about the parking out at the Robinwood Medical Center. There is never any place to park. The reason for this is because a lot of people park there and go walking for exercise. Where are the people who have doctors appointments supposed to park?"

"I was wondering if anyone would know what the best credit card would be and the interest doesn't matter because we pay it off when we get it. Some have dividends for flight miles, gas, food or for savings on a car, whatever. Which ones has the best savings?"

"Last Saturday's paper gave a thumbs down to the Bush Administration for refusing to ban foreign flights over 9-11 crash sites a year later, even though it was determined that it was illegal to ban regular flights. What would the editor have us do, say to the terrorists 'OK, you guys win?' Or is the liberal media really killing the administration because they are still upset because their poster boy Al Gore didn't become president?"

"I am sorry, I don't usually complain, but I drove through the West End projects over the weekend and I saw some really nice apartment buildings there. I want to know why we are wasting these millions of dollars to replace them when all they need is a little upkeep? I am sorry, I think this is a big waste of taxpayers' money and someone should check in on this. This is a serious mistake by somebody."

- Clear Spring

"Wake up, Washington County, everyone knows that this is not the first time the County Commissioners have done things under the table. I think it's about time we replace them all. Especially the ones that are keeping their mouths shut and not saying anything because they are afraid of losing the election. Let's wake up and replace them."

- Hagerstown

"In response to the person who wanted to know when the Republican Headquarters are open at 138 W. Washington St. The hours before the primary is Wednesday and Thursday only from 5 to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. After the primary next Tuesday, they will be open every day of the week Monday through Friday, 4 to 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you have any questions, call the headquarters office at 301-739-2118."

"A while back, in May I think, Williamsport Elementary School had a fund-raiser. It was homemade jelly candles that had frog toppers and other little toppers and I was wondering who made them and if you could still buy them or if there was a phone number? Call back into Mail Call."

"Someone pinch me. We have an un-elected president about to declare an undeclared war. Am I still living in America?"

"I would like to know if there is a shortage of doctors in Washington County?"

"To the person that picked up a battery-powered Jeep and tracker in Maugansville on Saturday, Aug. 31. I found the charger for both of them. Call me at 301-730-5152 and we can arrange for you to have them picked up."

"Mr. Miller from Fairplay has my vote for county commissioner. He gives a good common sense to all questions about county problems."

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