Waynesboro, Pa., officials to meet with PennDOT on square

September 05, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - The fate of Waynesboro's center square may finally be resolved.

On Tuesday, Mayor Louis Barlup, Borough Council President Douglas Tengler and Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger will travel to Harrisburg to meet with PennDOT officials to iron out some of the problems that have delayed the $1.2 million project.

The plans for the remake of the four-way intersection at Main and Church streets have changed over the last three years through council votes.

The council voted in 1999 to close in the intersection on a 3-3 tied vote that was broken by Barlup.

The sidewalks were to be pulled in under a plan that would have eliminated more than a dozen angled parking spaces. That didn't sit well with several downtown merchants.


Also, many residents see the square as being historically significant to the borough and objected to any changes.

In May Tengler asked for a new vote. This time the vote was 4-2 to keep the intersection as is.

The problem is that PennDOT engineers had already spent more than $60,000 on engineering costs designing a closed-in intersection.

Now that the council reversed itself the state is saying the borough has to come up with the $60,000.

The council's actions also set back the state's plans to modernize the downtown street light network for at least a year, State Sen. Terry Punt, R-Waynesboro, said last week.

Punt secured the $1.2 million to pay for the square project including the traffic control signals.

Meanwhile, it seems officials in both agencies, PennDOT and the council, were waiting for word from each other on which way to proceed.

"We are going there (Harrisburg) to work these things out," Tengler said.

Hamberger said borough officials also hope to resolve the question of who pays the $60,000.

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