Candidate Toothman wants to lower debt

September 05, 2002

Editor's Note: Twenty-one candidates have filed for five Washington County Commissioners' seats. Ten of the candidates - five Democrats and five Republicans - will be selected as their parties' nominees in the Sept. 10 primary. The general election is Nov. 5. We asked each of the candidates the same five questions. Tomorrow: Jim Brown

Paul Henry Toothman
Parole and probation agent for the state
1412 The Terrace, Hagerstown

1. Do you think the county gives the School Board enough money? Why or why not?

"I think the money's that's going in there could be better used." Toothman said he doesn't support increasing the School Board's budget now, and that he wants to see better results before it's increased. "I've seen increases, but I don't see the actual benefit down in the classroom."

Toothman said he also is concerned that increasing the School Board's budget would take money away from public safety. "If we fund more, what police officer or fireman do I take off the street because I can't afford to pay him?"


2. Do you support a tax to fund fire and rescue services? Why or why not?

No. Toothman said the county should explore other funding options to pay for fire and rescue services.

3. Should the county help fund a new baseball stadium? Why or why not?

"I would not support funding the stadium unless I can see something that shows considerable contributions by the owner to the stadium. Toothman said renovating the current stadium is not reasonable.

4. Should the county provide funds for additional deputies and, if so, where would the money come from?

Toothman said he would love to see more deputies on the road, but he's not sure the county can afford to hire any more. "For now, we should juggle what we can until we get in better shape economically."

5. What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the county and why?

Lowering the county's debt. "We need to hold things in line until we can get the debt service down. We've got quite a task."

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