Mail Call for 9/4

September 05, 2002

"In the Welcome Washington County magazine on Page 51, I would like to add that we had President Eisenhower as a speaker at the Civil War Anniversary in 1962 and President Harding, Firestone, Thomas Edison on a camping trip along Licking Creek in Pecktonville, which is now known as Camp Harding."

"Friday, August 30, Page A5 Mail Call. I don't understand, you said your daughter is not allowed to go to the restroom at South Hagers-town High School. You didn't give enough information. Why is she not allowed? Are all the children not allowed to go to the restroom? They can't tell them that they are not allowed to go to the restroom. It is nature's call. They are in school for hours. This doesn't sound right. Are you sure you understood what they said? It just doesn't sound right."

"In response to MCI. A lot of the long distance companies charge you what you call a carrying charge. They charge you so much every few months, whether you make a call or not. I put an end to that. I called up mine, which was AT&T and told them to drop me, that I didn't want a long distance company. What you do, when you make a long distance call, use the 10-10-10 numbers, that is your long distance company. That way you don't have to pay the cover charge and it is cheaper anyway. Try it, it works."


"September is National Head Lice Prevention Month. There was a wonderful article in Monday, Sept. 2 paper, section B, the Health section about head lice. It was a wonderful article, since the kids are in school. Those six- legged creatures with the tiny claws start sharing little heads. You should read it, it tells you how to get rid of them."

"I am calling to complain about the construction in downtown Hagerstown. It takes 15 minutes to get through downtown. It's a pain and a headache."

"Of all the laws we have in Maryland, with the seat belts, motorcycle helmets, life jackets, etc. Why do we try to protect all those lives, which is a good thing and not put a simple glass of water on the table unless someone asks for it? Just in case, someone does choke in a restaurant, a simple glass of water could save many lives from choking."

"Does anyone know if the Equipment Company Unlimited on Governor Lane Boulevard in Williamsport that does driving modifications for the physically disabled, are they still in operation? I called the number for them today and it says that the number has been disconnected. So I would like to know if they changed their number, moved, or went out of business. Does anyone know?"

"Has anyone noticed how bad the weeds are at Rohrersville? You can't even see a narrow bridge anymore. What do the state road workers do all day? You don't see anything of them when it's hot outside."

"My name is Betty and I was wondering if anyone knows who would take a 40-year Herald-Mail newspaper, it will be 40 years old on Sept. 27. Does anyone know who would take it? Call me at 301-393-4993."

"As we approach the one year anniversary of the attack on our country. Hagerstown Grace Brethren Church on Spruce Street invites the community to participate in a 9-11 remembrance service which will honor the fallen, but not the forgotten and give hope to the ones that are hurting. The service will be held on Sunday, Sept. 8, at 10:15 a.m."

"To the wife of the correctional officer. She claims that her husband hasn't had a raise in seven years. That's wrong, you better ask him where the money's been because he has had plenty of raises. I should know."

"Greenberry Hills residents have been informed of a special meeting for Habitat for Humanity for information and questions concerning the house being built on York Road in Greenberry Hills. The meeting is to be held Sept. 4, at 6:30 p.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Virginia Avenue. In the rear of the church, enter the double doors, turn left and the meeting will be held in the first room on the left. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend."

"I agree with Eugene Reed's letter to the editor in Sunday's paper. He suggested adding on to the hospital instead of building a new one. But instead of going on King Street, as he suggested, why not go across Baltimore Street. Most of the doctors in that building have already vacated. You could put a parking deck on Frederick Street and add a new entrance. Then the ground would be level for the walk-ins. It seems this is a more practical solution than building between Franklin and Washington streets. Every year these two streets are torn up for months at a time. So how is anyone supposed to get to the hospital in an emergency?"

"Why do the local town reporters find it necessary to list their To Do List in the small town section of the newspaper? Do they really think we are interested in what their To Do List says? If you can't find something else to fill that space with, ask for some help."

"The Football Preview is back. Thank you, Herald Mail!"

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