Answers to burning issues, but I don't care

September 03, 2002|by AL DITZEL

When I finally checked the news last Friday, I was shocked to see that the Major League Baseball owners and players' union had reached an agreement.

Never had I ever thought they could do so without some sort of work stoppage. I was wrong and I'm glad of it.

Still, this past weekend, I felt a little something unusual - I really didn't care to watch any major league baseball.

Maybe it was because my resolve was there would not be baseball this past weekend and I made other plans.

Or maybe it's because my favorite team - the Philadelphia Phillies - is out of the pennant race, even that Wild Card thing.


Or it is because my two fantasy teams have folded up the last two months like Anna Kournikova did in her second set of the U.S. Open last week.

Whatever the reason, I didn't care.

Still, that won't stop me from telling you what will happen the rest of the season.

In the future, I see:


Alex Rodriguez will become the first shortstop to hit 50 home runs in a season.


Alex Rodriguez will become the first shortstop to hit 60 homers in a season.


Without explanation, the Los Angeles Dodgers will fold up their tent and finish out of the NL playoff picture this season.


Houston will remember it plays in a home run happy park, whatever the name of it is, score some runs and win the NL Central.


The Atlanta Braves will win the NL pennant.


Seattle, a team that played at record pace last year in the regular season, will play like ... well, see that Anna Kournikova comment above.


Baltimore will finish under .500 by a hair, if you know what I mean.


Minnesota, the surprise of the American League, will lose in the first round of the playoffs.


Both Anaheim and Oakland will make the playoffs.


Somehow, someway, the Yankees will beat the Athletics (can't call them A's) in the AL Championship Series. Maybe it'll be because John Mabry doesn't slide into home.


The New York Yankees, with World Series MVP Mike Mussina (ouch!), will hang another banner next spring.


The Expos will move to the Washington D.C. area, forming for a third time, the Washington Senators.

And, lucky 13, could only be that some four years down the road, owners and players will forget what they did this season, argue over who gets the bulk of what, and a work stoppage will be threatened.

Al Ditzel is a staff writer for The Morning Herald. His column appears every other Tuesday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131 ext. 7520 or by e-mail at

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