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Antrim sewer odors draws ire of borough neighbors

August 30, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Odor from an Antrim Township sewer line has prompted more than 50 Borough of Greencastle residents to sign petitions asking the Borough Council to get the problem corrected for them.

Brad Fulton, one of three residents circulating the petitions, said the odor has caused unpleasant conditions for residents of East Baltimore Street and other nearby streets nearly all summer.

Fulton, in a letter to his neighbors, said he spoke to Borough Manager Kenneth Myers about the problem and was told to complain to Antrim Township officials.


Myers was out of town Thursday and was not available for comment.

Barbara Bock, president of the Greencastle Borough Council, said she can smell the odor when she drives by the affected area, but could not comment until she sees the petition.

According to Teresa Schnoor, an Antrim Township administrator, and Larson Wenger, a township supervisor and superintendent of the township's sewer plant, the new sewer line opened last year.

The line, which runs for about 1,600 feet, does not yet have enough flow to keep the sewage moving through it. As a result, it collects in the line and becomes septic, causing the odor, Wenger said.

The odor has been worse in the evenings, Fulton said. Wenger said that was because of atmospheric pressures.

The township is trying to eliminate the odor by adding chemicals to the line. "It's been helping and it's much improved," Wenger said. The hot weather this summer also aggravated the odor problem, he said.

Fulton, in his letter to his neighbors, said the chemicals in the drum sometimes run out. He said township officials are considering installing a bulk chemical tank to the line in an attempt to solve the problem.

"Although Mr. Wenger seems to be sympathetic and agreed that the odor is a problem, it appears to be long term," Fulton said in his letter.

He said Thursday it's his neighbors' position that since they pay their taxes and sewer bills to the borough, the Borough Council needs to address the problem with township supervisors.

He said the odor problems are particularly bad on East Baltimore, Spring Grove, Allison and Orchard streets.

The odor was present as recently as Sunday and Monday, he said.

Fulton said the petition will be presented to the council Monday.

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