Mail Call for 8/29

August 30, 2002

"To the person who has thinning hair. It's a hereditary condition. There is a drug called Rogaine. You can call a dermatologist, check with them and ask for Rogaine. They probably have other medications available also."

"To the person with the neighbor letting their dog do their business in their yard. What I would do and have done, pick it up with a shovel, take it over and put it on their porch, if that doesn't work, open their door and put it between their door, I guarantee that would work too."

"In reference to the fire department complaining about the businesses not donating money to them. Maybe if their attitudes would change, if the fire halls would stop buying apartment buildings and Grange halls. They must not need the money if they can keep affording to buy buildings and so forth."

"Well, folks, we have them on the run. The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, it is called 'We Care.' It extends from the first block of North Mulberry Street up to Antietam Street and from the square to Cannon Avenue. The folks in Elizabeth Court, Alexander House are involved in the watch. We are having our second meeting at the VFW Club at the corner of Washington and Locust St., at 7 p.m., Sept. 3. I hope a lot of you can make it, so you can help us out and bring your ideas along. To those of you who turned up at the first meeting, I say bravo. I will be looking for you at the second meeting. Remember, we do care."


"I would be interested in the American Legion magazines. Call me at 301-582-4207. Thanks a lot."

"In reference to the complaint about the neighbor doing business in your yard. Call Animal Control, they will take care of it. They will send them a warning and then be fined."

"I am a disabled person and I would like to know if anyone has any computers to give away. Leave it in Mail Call."

"I live on Spielman Road, near the intersection of Bakersfield Road. I was dog sitting for a friend and the dog disappeared and I would really like to find her. It's a female, light brown colored, mixed between German shepherd and collie. She is a little leery of strangers. She was wearing an orange and black Harley Davidson collar. She disappeared Monday evening around 6:30 p.m. Call me at 301-582-0723. Once she is used to you, she is friendly and won't harm you."

"When you close the door, democracy dies. Thank goodness we have two County Commissioners that are honest enough to try to keep the door open. Bill Wivell and Paul Swartz, you deserve our vote and you can bet I will vote for you."

"To the people who have called in about the church services for the 911 tragedy. St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 21513 Leitersburg-Smithsburg Road in Leitersburg, Md. will be having a special service on Sept. 8. Holy communion will be celebrated by Pastor Patricia Hendricks at the 10:30 service. Everyone is welcome to attend. Hope to see you there."

"To the Washington County Hospital: If you can't afford to fund a triage unit, how can you afford to build a new hospital?"

"For all of you lawn waterers out there, I just wanted to let you that I have a friend that lives on Broadfording Road, Washington County. Two weeks ago, her well went dry. She has no water to take a bath, no water to drink, no water to do anything with, so for you people who continue to water your lawns, wash your cars or hose down the sidewalk, be forewarned that one of these days, you are going to turn on the tap and you won't get a drop. Over 60 percent of the United States is in a drought situation. I am sorry to say that this is affecting us locally, too. So to the person who put in Mail Call saying that Washington County is not in a drought, where have you been, Rip Van Winkle?"

"This is Angie with Woodman of the World Life Insurance Society and I have your issue dated Monday, Aug. 26, where a lady asked if there were going to be any memorials going on Sept. 11. We are going to be having a dedication ceremony at the Fairgrounds Park on Sept. 11 a little before noon. Call 301-791-3990."

"Nothing like a relaxing 45-minute drive around downtown Hagerstown because that is how long it takes now with all the construction going on now. What a disgrace, year after year."

"I think its a shame when I read about businesses in the area which do not support their local fire and rescue. Maybe we, the public, should not do business with those stores."

"To the George Street resident who has trouble getting out on Burhans Boulevard. Why don't you cross over on one of the side streets to Washington Street or Church Street and come out where the lights are? That would be much easier."

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